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MTV Poster Transgenderism Regrets, Which Ruined Her Life

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A former poster child for a documentary shared her regrets about transitioning from female to male, which ruined her life and subsequently exposed her to infertility and other health issues.

Milo, now 23 years old, was featured in the MTV documentary “Transformation” back in 2016 at the start of her “transitioning.” She and six other transgender and non-binary teens from Los Angeles posed for the camera and got a wardrobe and style makeover.

Shortly after the show aired, Milo underwent a double mastectomy procedure and changed her sex on official papers. The Daily Mail recounted that she received weekly shots of testosterone on the show, with doctors gradually upping her dose of the male hormone. But over the years, the testosterone Milo had been receiving caused her vagina to atrophy, dry, irritate and bleed.

She underwent a hysterectomy at age 21, with the idea that she did not need her ovaries because “she was a man.” But eight months after the procedure, she returned to the doctor as her reproductive organs had not been removed – one of them had twisted, ruptured and “died.”

Seven years after the 2016 documentary aired, Milo shared a video expressing her bitter regret over the “gender transition” that left her scarred, hairy and infertile. She admitted to being ashamed of the 2016 documentary, telling the viewers she “couldn’t bear to watch it.” Milo lamented: “It turned out to be a big mistake.”

Milo had also stopped taking testosterone this month amid her complaints of mood swings. Her physical appearance had also been affected by the hormone injections – giving her a receding hairline, deeper voice, chubby features and a hairy belly that needs regular shaving.

“I’m a lot fatter and uglier than I used to be,” she admitted. “What I’ve done to my appearance and my body has almost been a survival tactic, or a form of protection against unwanted attention from men.”

Trans pushers claim genital mutilation steers gender-confused youth away from suicide – wrong!

Activist Chris Elston, popularly known as “Billboard Chris,” blasted MTV for the role of “Transformation” in helping fuel “the craze of child transition.” He tweeted: “This is evil. There is no such thing as a transgender child.”

“Milo has surely seen the hate the public detransitioners get, and hasn’t had the time to do any healing or processing. She is in a very vulnerable place,” tweeted Prisha Mosley, another woman who formerly “transitioned” to a man.

“Detransition is painful, vulnerable and raw. Body parts are missing, and you don’t look or feel like yourself.” (Related: Top 11 ways GENDER-BENDER SURGERY and “trans-formation” turn out to be a catastrophic regret.)

According to the Post Millennial, the 2016 documentary highlighted the dangers of suicide among gender-dysphoric children. “Transformation” portrayed parents of the featured children as supportive of their “transitions” with the assurance that they won’t have to take their own lives.

“At times, she feels like she could hurt herself … just because of the way she feels inside,” Milo’s mother said back then. “I’ve heard a lot of horror stories … [about] the percentage of trans kids that commit suicide.”

According to detransitioners, documentaries such as “Transformation” are used to manipulate parents into allowing their children to go down the dangerous road of “gender transition.” There are also complaints of doctors and therapists goading parents and guardians to “affirm” their children’s transition, under the threat of suicide. Ironically, such “affirmation” causes more harm than good – as evidenced by Milo’s regrets seven years on.

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