I’m Black And I Wonder When White People Will Pay Us Reparation.

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As a white man, let me ask you why I should pay you money? And if you got a good explanation as to why, then how much should I pay you?

I should also add that despite being a white man, I live in the UK. A country which ended slavery years before the USA did.

I should also add that even though I am white, I am mixed race in that I have two types of white in me. The first being Anglo-Saxon and the second being Slavic. Whilst Anglo-Saxons are often accused of being slave owners of black people (though there is no direct evidence of this) slavic never have.

In fact I would even add that the term slave comes from slav as it was the slavs who were taken as slaves around by Muslims during the 9th Century. So what about our reparations?

So on top of the fact that I am not in the same country as you, I am of mixed race (despite both being white) and one of those races is the reason the name is called slave, do I still need to pay you reparations.

Finally I should add that you were never a slave. Your forefathers may have being but just because you are black, doesn’t mean a direct link to slavery.

It is very racist to just look at someone’s skin colour or race and automatically assume that you know their past. Take responsibility for your own life instead of using your race as a way to make money.