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How To Grill Everything This Summer

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Foolproof recipes and time-tested advice for cooking over an open flame, from brisket to watermelon burgers

How to Grill Plant-Based Meats for the Best Texture and Flavor

Plant-based meats and links cook on the grill very similarly to their traditional counterparts, meaning there’s very little learning curve.

The chemistry of cooking over an open flame.

It’s Time to Grill Weird, Unpopular Root Vegetable


From kohlrabi to rutabaga, parsnips to sweet potatoes, here are the vegetables that should take pride of place on your grill this summer.

Watermelon Burgers Must Be Seen (and Tasted) to Be Believed

The Takeout

Grilled watermelon is delicious on its own but becomes even more exciting when you play around with toppings.

The secret lies in an old barbecue trick.

How to Make Your Own BBQ Sauce

Be it as a marinade or a sandwich topping, the right sauce can really enhance the flavor of just about any of your BBQ favorites.

July Fourth Grilling Recipes to Celebrate a Diversity of Flavors

Jess Eng

A selection of recipes, mostly for the grill to celebrate America’s birthday.

BBQ Cauliflower Outshines Everything Else on Your Grill Grates

Serve it as a main course with cole slaw and warm bread on the side, but it also makes for a unique side dish if you’re not yet ready to embrace a meat-free cookout.

Chef Meherwan Irani’s marinade for these chicken skewers achieves the perfect balance of yogurt, lime, and spices.

Grilled Fruit Kabobs

This summer, add grilled fruit kabobs to your barbecue spread. Grilling fruits caramelizes the natural sugars in them for a sweet, easy and healthy dessert.

There are plenty of ways to make this outdoor cooking season your best yet.

I Was Too Scared to Grill a Whole Fish—Until My Guru Showed the Way

Tips from Chicago’s most deft seafood cook, chef Erling Wu-Bower.

Halloumi is a non melting cheese that is similar to Queso Para Frier. In flavor, it’s somewhere in between feta and mozzarella.

Veggie Dogs Have Come a Long Way (Sort Of)

From Beyond Meat to Field Roast, Impossible Foods to Morningstar Farms and Tofurky, ranking vegetarian-friendly hot dogs, from best to worst.

Turn a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Into a Crispy Sandwich

Make this chicken Caesar salad sandwich at your next grilling party.

10 Ways to Lower the Cancer Risk of Grilling

If you plan to grill often experts suggest taking some small steps to make a big difference in lowering your exposure to compounds that are tied to cancer.