Beware the 80,000 terrorists Biden let in simultaneously conducting military ops in America

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America in the twenty-first century has been on an accelerating descent not unlike what befell ancient Rome. For some four centuries Rome’s Senate and constitution provided continuity which sustained the Roman Republic through various challenges. But in the end, what befell Rome from barbarian invasion, political corruption, and mobs that were manipulated and used by its Caesars, was a rampage against reason and freedom, leading to the Republic’s demise and transition to a centralized imperial authority under emperors.  

(Article by Scott S. Powell republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)


America’s style and state of political decline and cultural degeneration differ in many ways from that of ancient Rome, but the big picture has striking similarities.


The downward spiral of America is punctuated by: 1) massive corruption of elites inside and outside government who go along with manipulating the masses through creating and sustaining narratives that benefit them while keeping citizens largely ignorant about what is really going down, including threats to their health and their very survival; 2) the loss of confidence in the integrity of U.S. elections, which demoralizes the public and undermines the legitimacy of government; 3) the erosion of privacy, property rights, and freedom; 4) the Biden administration’s deliberate open-border policy to facilitate the influx of millions of migrants for political purposes; 5) the politization of the judiciary and the attendant two-tiered justice system that has undermined the rule of law and order; and 6) the atomization of American society and the deterioration of family and community resulting from elite narratives that divide people — primarily around race and gender; and 7) uncontrollable government profligacy and accompanying kickback corruption — the continuing trajectory of which is certain to bring insolvency and collapse of the U.S. monetary system, sooner than later.


In the last thirty years, the United Nations, and the New World Order (NWO) organizations, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have promoted and legitimized “replacement migration” policies. Adopted by the EU and its member countries — replacement migration primarily drew immigrants from the Islamic Middle East and North Africa. As a result, the population of Muslims in Europe has tripled, while Christianity’s influence has been receding. 


Although migration of Muslims to Europe has slowed in recent years, their relative numbers continue to grow fast due to birth rates that are 54% higher than that of host country familiesIslam is clearly on a path to becoming ascendant over Christianity in Europe in the near future. And the Muslim migrants’ open aspiration to impose their religion and its Sharia law on their host countries is already creating havoc in dozens of European cities and will undoubtedly contribute to the destabilization and collapse of national sovereignty.


In the U.S., replacement migration operates with the same purpose of transforming and destabilizing the national sovereignty of America. A small portion of the eight-million diverse migrants who have entered the United States during the first three years of the Biden administration are potentially hostile foreign agents. They may well become sleeper cells whose mission, once activated, is to strike infrastructure targets within United States upon directives from their sponsors, be that that China, Iran, or other adversaries. Even if the number of those hostile foreign agents is as small as 1% of that eight-million migrant number, that would mean some 80,000 terrorists could simultaneously conduct military operations within the United States, coinciding with hostile action from their sponsor countries against likely targets, such as Taiwan or Israel.


An important part of the globalist agenda to advance the New World Order is to weaken countries by exacerbating division within and then break down the old system of national sovereignties as a last step prior to more aggressive stages embracing global governance. Division within the United States has been fomented by Critical Race Theory (CRT) training and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies; the imposition of ESG mandates on most all public companies from influence and proxy voting from the largest shareholders, such as Blackrock and Vanguard; the destruction and rewriting of history; the rise of a new secular privileged class operating in academia, government agencies, and social media that determine what can be said in public discourse. And most recently, the transgender movement is being used as just one more interest group that brings division and weakens military readiness and the general fabric of society.


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