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Global Report – FL Among Top States For Mass Incarceration

Global report: FL among top states for mass incarceration. Florida and a dozen other states imprison people at the highest rates in the world, without demonstrating that incarceration reduces crime, says the Prison Policy Initiative, a non-partisan research and policy advocacy organization. Florida’s rate of incarceration in prisons and jails was 795 people per 100,000, Read More…

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U.S. Judge Blocks DeSantis, Sheriffs, From Enforcing Governor’s Anti-Riot Law

U.S. judge blocks DeSantis, sheriffs, from enforcing governor’s anti-riot law,‘That type of law is simply a trap for the innocent,’ jurist concludes. A federal judge has barred enforcement of one of Gov. Ron DeSantis signature legislative achievements this year — HB 1, his Black Lives Matter-inspired crackdown on protests —ruling that its redefinition of “riot” Read More…

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The Gantt Report

The Gantt Report – Off Year Elections By Lucius Gantt No matter where you reside, some cities, counties and election districts in your state are probably preparing for “off-year” elections. The off-year elections will more than likely include races for Mayors, Council members, Commissioners and other seats such as political vacancies resulting from deaths, resignations Read More…

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Mayor Kent Guinn Real Record On Managing The Ocala Police Department

West Ocala Voters: Mayor Kent Guinn Real Record on Managing the Ocala Police Department Whitfield Jenkins, President Liberation Ocala African American Council, Inc.   The Manal Fakhoury Campaign has provided you with pertinent information for your analytical processing by further researching and challenging present Mayor Kent Guinn leadership, knowledge and administrative abilities to guide the Ocala Police Department Read More…

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Hair/Indian Home Remedies

Hair/Indian home remedies for hair growth faster Overview If we want to explore the overall natural beauty of the women’s. In such cases, you will generally notice that your eyes first attracted to women’s hair. and it is also a natural way to differentiate both man and women identity. So, it is renowned fact that Indians Read More…

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First Lady Bank President

“Miss Maggie” Walker, the daughter of a former slave, who in 1903 became the first woman of any race to found and become president of an American bank. Three of its branches still operate. Maggie Walker also founded a newspaper and a department store called “Saint Luke’s Emporium.

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Boy from Mars: This Russian Boy Said He’s A Martian – And Claimed Earth Will Be Decimated By An Apocalypse. Boris Kipriyanovich first came to the world’s attention in an extraordinary story published by the Russian newspaper Pravda. And what a debut it was. In October 2005, when he was just nine, the publication sensationally revealed Read More…