Americans Should Be Absolutely Enraged As America’s Full-Scale Invasion

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By Stefan Stanford – Live Free Or Die – All News Pipeline

While the Biden crime cabal importing tens of millions of third-world ‘illegals’ into the country so that they can live here illegally, with their entire lives here in America paid for by the American taxpayer while many of those same American taxpayers are suffering gravely, should be enough to absolutely enrage EVERY American citizen, that’s not even the half of it.

As Tucker Carlson warns us in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, while the ‘Biden crime cabal’ is enabling the overthrow of America, the White House is also telling these ‘invaders’ that ‘white people’ are the source of their problems here in the US, setting up a ‘situation’ that could get out of control in no time at all, especially with these illegal immigrants who’re invading America crossing our Southern border with their firearms in hand as seen in the photo above out of Eagle Pass, Texas.

And with those ‘border jumpers’ consisting mainly of military-aged men from countries all across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and China as we’ve pointed out in numerous ANP stories going back over a year now, and the ‘mainstream media terror complex‘ and the White House telling these invaders the reason for their agony around the world is ‘white people,’ as Tucker Carlson asks here in this post on ‘X’ and the 1st video at the bottom of this story, “How’s that going to work out in the end?”

And if you’re not quite as enraged as I am right now after reading the opening to this story, the next little segment here should do the trick as the Conservative Research Group reports this huge bit of information that we can be sure the mainstream media won’t touch upon: Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs is diverting resources from American Veterans to illegal aliens for healthcare.

Meaning all of these illegal aliens flowing into our country with their shotguns (and who knows what else!) in hand are getting healthcare paid for by the American taxpayer when tens of millions of taxpayers are going without, not to mention all of the US Veterans who sacrificed for America being horribly treated by our own govt, there can be no doubt this ‘crime cabal’ occupying the White House are the very definition of ‘enemies of America within,’ and should be treated exactly as ‘enemies’ to America should be treated. From this Conservative Research Group story before we continue.:

ACT for America reported U.S. Rep. Mike Bost as Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee introduced the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act”, in response to a report that VA resources were going to illegal migrants. Brigitte Gabriel, chair of ACT for America, posted on Twitter on December 26 that healthcare for illegals had caused a “severe breakdown” in services for veterans. “While Veterans Affairs cannot figure out how to help our homeless veterans, they are quick in diverting critical taxpayer-funded assistance to illegal aliens!” Gabriel asked, “Who authorized this?” She called on Congress to take action to protect veterans and hold officials accountable.

ACT for America attributed the VA resource diversion to the “failed border policies” of Joe Biden’s administration. “Chairman Bost insists that diverting money from veterans is a travesty, demanding answers from administration and vowing to prioritize veterans’ needs,” ACT for America said. 

This legislation, which was also introduced by U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville aims to ensure that VA is focused on the healthcare needs of American veterans and not illegal migrants. This revelation highlights the urgent need to address immigration policies that impact essential services for those who served their country. 

Every day, more illegal aliens pour over the border, including unknown numbers of criminals and gang members. Terrorists, foreign agents, and agents of war (including a possible invasion by Chinese Communists) are also present. Todd Bensman, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), has previously highlighted how American taxpayers are sucked dry by illegals. Illegal immigration is a major problem for the city (and therefore taxpayers), as it drains resources from the government and overburdens schools. Illegals also commit hundreds of thousands of crimes that shouldn’t have occurred because they should not be in the country. Many states don’t even track the crimes committed by illegal migrants because they do not want to expose how dangerous illegal immigration is for American citizens.

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And as this recent story over at Zero Hedge reports, not only is the crime cabal that is ‘occupying‘ the White House facilitating the invasion of America, they’re lying through their teeth to the American people about their never-ending crimes of treason and sedition.

With the Biden cabal called by that ZH story the king of spreading misinformation, as their story reported, these radicals in the White House have tried to convince taxpayers that millions of illegals flooding the southern border is “not unusual.” Sure, ‘not unusual’ for a group of terrorists in government working diligently to overthrow a country. Check out how they’re trying to paint it.:

“And what we’re seeing here at the border, the migration flow, increased migration flows, certainly, it ebbs and flows. And were at a time of the year where we’re seeing more at the border, and it’s not unusual,” White House Press Secretary (The Queen of Gaslighting) Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during a recent press conference.

And as the ZH story also pointed out, it was as recent as last May when Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka had deceitfully declared: “I want to be very clear, our borders are not open.”

Sure, they’re ‘not open’ if you only consider the ‘Illegal Alien Invasion Maps’ seen in the photographs above, maps being handed out by liberal, non-govt organizations to illegal immigrants to help them travel to America, to be anything less than a carefully planned and deliberately executed mass migration program, completely planned out by the globalists, in conjunction with the Biden terrorist cabal, to take down and complete the overthrow of America. From the Zero Hedge story.:

This time, a majority of Americans have come to believe that the Biden administration is not being truthful and consists of dishonest people. The latest poll from Gallup shows this, as the president’s approval rating is worse than any other modern-day president seeking reelection. 

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin revealed a stunning piece of data from a US Customs and Border Protection source of “over 276,00 migrant encounters at the southern border in December, the highest single month ever recorded, breaking the prior record set in September at 269,735, and there are still 3 days of December left. Record is being shattered.” 

Melugin continued: “This new record number includes over 230,000 Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants in December, also the highest single month of apprehensions ever recorded for Border Patrol.” 

“We are now at over 760,000 migrant encounters since October 1st, making the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 also the highest ever recorded. That’s a population size bigger than Seattle in just three months,” he added. 

The reporter concluded: “All records being blown out of the water under the Biden admin as the crisis gets worse – not better.”

And just think. As many ANP readers have pointed out over the past several months, these incredibly high numbers of ‘encounters’ and ‘apprehensions’ of illegal immigrants streaming over our Southern border are ONLY THOSE being reported! How many MORE people are getting in WITHOUT being ‘encountered’ or ‘apprehended’? The fact that SO MANY of them are ‘military-aged’ men is alarming.

And with the Biden administrations war upon US military members helping to explain why a group of over 200 of them, both active duty and retired US Veterans, have just filed suit against the entire terror cabal now occupying the Pentagon who insanely decided to carry out forced experimentation upon Americans via the COVID vax, demanding Biden’s military leadership be court-martialed, that lawsuit also speaks for the over 8,000 military members who were fired for refusing to take the ‘death shot’.

With that clearly nothing less than treason being carried out by the White House and Pentagon, allowing America’s enemies to come rushing over our border, giving them ‘free’ money and healthcare, all paid for by the American taxpayer, while robbing US Veterans of their own Rights and Benefits by carrying out a very real genocide upon them.

And all the while, as the Biden crime cabal wages a very real war upon the American people, we see this is all building into a tumultuous 2024, particularly with an election season now dead ahead that Biden and the globalists appear to have no intention at all of letting anyone other than another ‘globalist’ winning. As this Zero Hedge story points out, that appears to be what it’s all about.:

What’s becoming increasingly evident is the Biden administration could quickly fix the border. Still, they have no interest and appear to have an agenda with the goal of flooding the nation with as many illegals as possible before the 2024 presidential election cycle. A new report this week revealed NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, were also aiding in the invasion of the southern border. 

“A lot of NGOs are helping Biden open the border to unlimited illegal crossing. But none of this could happen without the president’s approval,” Byron York, the chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, recently said. 

Another report shows Biden has no interest in closing the border as the Department of Justice plans to sue Texas over a border security law designed to target illegal immigrants. 

“The Biden Admin. not only refuses to enforce current US immigration laws, they now want to stop Texas from enforcing laws against illegal immigration,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote on X.

Abbott said, “I’ve never seen such hostility to the rule of law in America. Biden is destroying America. Texas is trying to save it.

So with the criminals in Washington DC and the Pentagon quite literally declaring war upon the American people as seen in their actions if not always in their words, putting illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here AHEAD OF US Veterans who have given their time and their lives to this country, Mike Adams from Natural News warns us in the 2nd video below that 2024 is setting up to be the year Western governments openly wage war upon their citizens.

Also discussing the US government actions towards illegal immigrants and border security, with ‘terrorist government‘ putting illegals ahead of American citizens, he also takes a look at the widespread and alarming amounts of political corruption here in America under Joe Biden and his uni-party war-hawks as well as the very real potential of political violence breaking out all across the United States this year.

Also warning of the very real potential of a huge false flag event this year to help take down America, once and for all, while cementing globalist, Marxist tyranny into place, he also discusses government control and ‘depopulation,’ with 2024 being the final year before 2025 and the Deagel Report’s absolutely bizarre ‘forecast’ of America in 2025 with a population of less than 100 million.

With those numbers seemingly showing an America that had lost a World War 3, or had fallen victim to another forced and weaponized ‘bioweapon’ such as COVID and the follow-up weaponized vaxxes, as long as our own ‘government’ continues to wage war upon the American people, putting the rights of illegal aliens ahead of the rights of American citizens, while carrying out genocide upon us, nothing is out of the real of possibility in the year ahead. Please join us in continuing to pray for America.