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Teen Sleeping On A Pile Of Hoses Being Independent

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Teen Sleeping On A Pile Of Hoses Being Independent

Asleep on a stranger’s driveway.

Sleeping on a pile of hoses.

That’s how we found our 15 year old son, Micah, earlier this week.

Micah decided to open a power washing service. He took $500 he’s saved from birthday money and chores and bought a nice power washer. He wanted to get paid according to his efforts during his work this summer. He can’t drive yet so he had to figure out transportation. We told him we can pick up and drop off.

He planned to knock on doors all day on Saturday and gets the “yeses” while wading through the sea of “no’s”.

Monday to Friday he does one to two jobs per day. He built a spreadsheet to track the revenue. His buddy helped open a sign-up genius webpage for customers. He’s built a journal of all the reasons people say ”no” and we talk at night about the way to politely answer them. He started jotting them down and memorizing them.

We’ve talked a lot about the heart behind selling a service with integrity versus just closing deals.

It’s a deep belief in your service. Memorizing ways to overcome objections by giving new information versus manipulating.

But here’s the the thing that’s an encouragement for us all.

Millions of people get great training.

Millions of people have great ideas.

Millions of people whiteboard the ideas.

Millions of people buy equipment.

Millions of people set goals and get excited.

Millions of people have “motivation”.

Few people take time to wake up early and go put in a full day of work. Then a full week of work. Then a full summer of work