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Sisters Are Owners of Kidpreneurs

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Sisters Are Owners of Kidpreneurs –

Florida’s Newest Black-Owned Plant-Based Eatery Owned By 3 Young Sisters

Lyrica, Zaira, and Nadira, ages 13, 12, and 9 are sisters and kidpreneurs. They are the CEO and founders of Bourne Brilliant, a plant-based eatery in Tallahassee, Florida serving up baked goods, fresh fruit juices, and preserves.

In 2013, Lyrica, the oldest of the three, started a bread ministry at the age of 6. She would bake bread and other goodies to distribute around and outside of their community. That’s what started their business.

They handcraft plant-based baked goods, beverages and other foods, and it’s all their own recipes.