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Judge Offers to Hold Lawyer’s 1-Year Old Baby While Swearing Her In

Knoxville, TN — Judge Richard Dinkins, a Tennessee State judge, is being applauded for a now-viral video that shows him swearing in a new lawyer, Juliana Lamar, while holding and bouncing her 1-year old son. Juliana, who is a graduate of Belmont University College of Law, previously worked as a clerk for Judge Dinkins in Read More…

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Bay Area Police Arrest Black Man Because He Was “Illegally” Eating on a Train Platform

Steve Foster, an African American man from Concord, California was detained and put in handcuffs because he was “illegally” eating a sandwich on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train platform. He is now planning to sue the transit agency.

Meet the 16-Year Old Pilot Who Doesn’t Even Have Her Driver’s License Yet

Judge Offers to Hold Lawyer’s 1-Year Old Baby While Swearing Her In

The Gantt Report – Little Black Sambo

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Projects That Became Million-Dollar Startups (and How Yours Can Too)

Side hustles and side can projects become million-dollar businesses. Follow these clues. Jeff Haden Maybe you want to start a business. Or maybe you want to expand your business into a new area. Or maybe you don’t want to quit your full-time job—at least not yet. You’re trying to find a side hustle. Should you? Read More…

Police Killed 28-Year Old Black Woman, Concerned Neighbor Regrets Calling

The Gantt Report – You Can’t Go Back To Get Ahead

Blockbuster On Life Support!


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