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Women of the NFL United For Purpose

By Amakeda Ponds

:  Photos by Lina Pace

With the emersion of the “Me-Too Movement” and the call for equality for women’s rights, Women Empowerment has been on the rise.  So, it’s no surprise that we find women, in this case, women of the NFL (spouses of current and retired players) coming together to not only network and share common experiences, but to uplift and empower.

History of Timbuktu – A Multicultural African Legacy

History of Timbuktu – A Multicultural African Legacy

Most people think of Timbuktu as the remotest place on earth. Others even think of Timbuktu as being a legend or place which existed only in people’s imagination. Timbuktu is located in the present day Republic of Mali at the edge of the Sahara desert.

The Gantt Report – Divided Political Emotions

By Lucius Gantt

     It seems like almost everybody that has a social media presence is chiming in on who is the best candidate to support for President in the upcoming 2020 election.

     It is way too early to convince me or anyone that knows United States election history that any candidate will get through the election process unscathed!

Triplets Who Graduated Summa Cum Laude With 4.0 GPAs Honored By Their High School

Atlanta, GA — A set of triplets from Ola High School in McDonough, Georgia have graduated summa cum laude, each with a perfect 4.0 GPA! The school and their parents are so proud of the three outstanding students.

Astonishing Theft of $10 Million from Black Businesswoman Anne Kihagi – Here’s Her Plight

Nationwide — Anne Kihagi, an African American businesswoman and real estate investor, has been the victim of judicial injustice in San Francisco. Judge Angela Bradstreet has perpetrated many injustices against Ms. Kihagi, chief among them that she was harassing tenants. Ms. Kihagi, says though, that the tenants were harassing her, even circulating a group email detailing how they planned to harm her and her businesses.

The Gantt Report – The Devil in the Details

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

     The phrase “Make America Great Again” is nothing but another way to say “Make America White Again”!

      Can I prove it? In my mind, hell yes!

14-Year Old Becomes the Youngest Student Admitted into Spelman College

Atlanta, GA — At just 14-years old, Sydney Wilson is about to start her freshman year at the prestigious Spelman College this fall, making her the youngest student ever admitted into the all-women HBCU.

80-Year Old Grandmother From Houston Earns College Degree

Houston, TX — Mrs. Beatrice Lillie, an 80-year old grandmother, has graduated college with an Associate’s degree in business management from Houston Community College’s Business Center of Excellence.