The Gantt Report – Bailout Black Press with Corona Cheese

By Lucius Gantt

Many people around the world are suffering from the effects of COVID 19.

In the United States, the federal government’s response to the health crisis has been lacking to say the least. The lack of medical masks, gowns, personal protective gear and necessary equipment must be addressed by the Donald Trump administration.

As more and more people are testing positively for the Corona Virus, more and more people are being hospitalized and many of us have family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers that are dying.

Not only are people getting sick, businesses that employ people are getting just as sick.

Well, if corporate America catches a cold, Black businesses in the United States catch the rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu!

One Black community business group was already on life support. Black media companies were hit very hard when long time advertisers “conspired” to drastically cut ad buys in Black newspapers, in Black magazines and on Black-owned radio and television stations.

Politicians on the federal, state and local level are doing all they can help, assist and bailout white corporations like airlines, hotels, and other companies impacted by COVID 19.

When stimulus budgets are agreed to and voted on by elected officials, I think it would be wise to spend some the Corona cheese with America’s Black Press.

Advertisement dollars are already flowing to white media companies that inform citizens about COVID 19 developments, how to better protect yourself and your family from catching the virus and ads are being ran to tell citizens how and where vulnerable people can be tested.

I think ads should be placed in Black media companies for as long as ads are running in white, Hispanic and other media outlets.

Statewide Press Associations in most states have already been contacted by government to coordinate ad placements with their members. And, surprisingly, the white media professionals have been contacting the one or two Black owned media company that they’ve heard of.

I say to utilize as many Black newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations and Black internet sites to educate and inform Black communities about COVID 19, government and private media spenders should also consider using Black advertising and public relations firm.

Bailout the Black Press: Spread the Corona cheese around.

I’m just saying!

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