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KEEPING IT NATURAL: Crabs in a Bucket…It is not Natural

By Mae Johnson

In the last article of “Keeping it Natural,” the topic was “We are Grapes on the Same Vine”.  In that article, the discussion lead to the dialog of “Crabs in A Bucket Mentality.” One reader asked, “how did the crabs get in the bucket in the first place...have you ever thought about that?   If you're not aware of the Crab in

the Bucket mentality; let’s explore that.   It is the notion that crabs in a bucket will try to escape. However, If they left each other alone, and let their fellow crabs climb, they'd easily be able to get out of the bucket.  This is easy, right?  Not!

The crab in the bucket metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior, noted in crabs when they are captured in a bucket.   While one crab can easily escape, its efforts will be undermined by other crabs, guaranteeing the entire group’s failure. Crabs don’t fight, continually, in their natural habitat. When they are on the beach, there is no need to pull the other back.  However, in a bucket, it is difficult to escape.

Let us equate this to humans.  Some humans hold each other down because they out of our natural habitat.  If you put people in a position wherein, they must fight against each other, by limiting their opportunities, you will eventually create the crab in the bucket mindset.  Our society is built on, “only the strong survive, approach.”  If by some chance you are caught up in the bucket, eventually, you will take yourself out of the equation and you will say, they aren’t going to give me this or that;  before long, it will become your reality. If you are one who lives in a bubble, and you encounter the crab mentally, you are going assume that the individuals involved, are innately evil and they are prone to holding each other down.  If you have unlimited opportunities, you will never be able to understand that attitude.

We can conclude that the crab in the bucket mentality, is not natural.  A baby isn’t born with the crab mentality; it is learned or better yet, forced upon him/her due to life experiences. If the crabs in the bucket worked together, they could escape.  However, if they have never been taught that lesson, they will remain stuck in a bucket.

There are effective ways to deal with life and the crab mentality.   The keys to dealing with life and the crab mentality are: be yourself; don’t take it personally; be a shining example; love what you do;  value excellent friendships,  aim for your highest goal; let your success speak for itself; last but not least, forgive and move on with life and live life to the fullest.

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