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The Gantt Report: Billionaires

By Lucius Gantt

I wish I was a billionaire. If I had a billion dollars I can do what a lot of super rich people do, use that money to generate more billions!

Don’t let the high school counselor tell you to strive for a low paying job with the business beast. Don’t let your community leader tell you to be happy with the little money you have. And, don’t let the politicians you love trick you into thinking everybody that has money is a terrible person.

If you don’t know, America has had rick Black people since slavery days but your history has been ambushed, your knowledge of ancestry has been bushwhacked and your misunderstanding about money has allowed you to be hoodwinked!

In today’s digital age, African Americans get much of their information on their phones and computers. Oftentimes, Blacks feel Black history is depicted in podcasts, in TV shows and in movies.

So, you think things were all like you saw in “Roots”, ‘D’jango” or in flims about Nat Turner or Harriet Tubman.

But you will never see a movie about a very “rich” ex-slave named Denmark Vesey.

Denmark Vesey (c.1767 — July 2, 1822) was a literate, skilled carpenter and leader of Blacks in Charleston, South Carolina. . In June 1822 he was accused and convicted of being the leader of "the rising,"[1] a potentially major slave revolt which was scheduled to take place in the city on July 14. Vesey was enslaved to a man in Bermuda for some time before being brought to Charleston, where he gained his freedom.[2] Vesey won a lottery and purchased his freedom around the age of 32. He had a good business and a family.

Vesey had money but he also had family members still enslaved. He used some of his money to organize slaves to revolt and urged them to kill every slave owner they could find.

In slavery times and in current times, the money didn’t hurt Black people, bad people hurt Black people.

African Americans don’t have many problems that money can’t solve or mitigate.

You can be a billionaire. You can create, invent, service, distribute or market a good or service item that you can sell to someone else. You can sell technology, you can sell commodities, you can sell commercial real estate and a world of other things.

God willing, I may or may not become a billionaire. If I do I will help people. If I don’t I’ll still be thankful.

We don’t need talk about billionaires. We need money from billionaires!

Stop listening to people that tell you the only thing Black people can have is what they have now.

Our African ancestors lived in palaces when other ethnic groups were living in caves. Back in the day, some African kings were among the more wealthy rulers in the whole world.

Don’t ever forget in a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor.

The people telling you to hate billionaires are multi-millionaires themselves.

I love the money. I ignore the haters. Get paid!