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Basically, Usman Oyibo is a young black man and the son of Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo and his mother. He is a mathematician with a bachelor degree in Mathematics from SUNY Stony Brook. He also comes from the Family blessed

with the discovery of the GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM (GAGUT) revealed by GOD to his father, Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo in 1990.

This GAGUT discovery has been largely ignored by the society, and so therefore it follows the family members of the GAGUT family like Usman Oyibo, can and have been ignored by the society. It also follows that a case of a member of the GAGUT family, like Usman can and has been ignored by the court/society which is what happened in this case.

GAGUT, for example has been largely ignored by the Mainstream Media despite being covered by ABC TV, as well as News 55 and News 12 Long Island where Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo was being presented/interviewed by Richard Rose and Doug Geed respectively about being nominated for Nobel Prize in Physics back in 2002. He was also interviewed and or covered by newspapers here in N. America; in addition to the People’s Daily of China, the fifth largest newspaper in the world.

The coverage included the Westside Gazette, Miami Herald, and Mahogany Revue from Florida, covering GAGUT in 2006 and 2018 along with the Network Journal and Our Time Press Newspapers in the State of New York 1994 an 1999. Other coverage included the New York and US Government supported by Senators; like the late Harvard Professor, Professor/Senator Daniel Moynihan, the late Senator John McCain, Former Senator Hillary Clinton, Congressman Rick Lazio, Senator Chuck Schumer and former Governor David Patterson because they too were aware of GAGUT and Usman’s family being blessed with GAGUT.*

GAGUT also has been honored by the Miami School Board; the 4th largest school system in the country, with a Proclamation given to Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo by the late Honorable Dr. Robert B. Ingram, Ph.D who was the former Mayor of Opa-locka; and the former President of the National Conference of Black mayors.

GAGUT has also been demanded by the Faculty, Staff and Students of Ivy League Universities like Harvard, MIT and Columbia University among others. Goettingen University from Germany ranked GAGUT as the greatest mathematics work of all times. Hon. Dr. Oyibo works were recommended and studied by Goettingen during the GAUSS Year 2005 at the GAUSS Celebration week 26 of the 52 weeks in honor of the greatest mathematician before GAGUT, Professor Carl Friedrich Gauss, the greatest mathematician since antiquity before GAGUT.

Furthermore the state operated Russia Daily News on 10-30-2018 have confirmed that 1) GAGUT contains all of mathematics 2) GAGUT contains all solutions to all mathematics problems and 3) as a consequence of the first 2 points GAGUT has been certified by GOD as having won all prizes past, present and future.

In particular, Russian Daily News recognized in the news item #1339 that Usman Oyibo had briefed the late Sir Professor Michael Atiyah a mathematical successor to Sir Professor Isaac Newton from Cambridge University on GAGUT.*

The varieties of the feelings and responses to GAGUT; a revelation by members of the human family, has contributed to the large polarization of the human society, especially from certain Non-Black people, who wished they/their people had been blessed by GOD with the discovery of GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM.

Since GAGUT was revealed by GOD to Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, is the driving force that causes others to viciously retaliate against Usman and his family for such a blessing. Even the late Professor Senator Daniel Moynihan and Senator John McCain both encountered such irrational polarization against GAGUT by members of the government and the National Science Foundation (NSF) back in 2000*.


Usman’s home was Firebombed using a laser on February 28, 2015 after a threat was publicly made that Usman’s family “Deserved the holocaust” due to his family being blessed with the discovery of GAGUT.*

Since then Usman has lived indigently in a trailer throughout 2015-2019.

The above paragraphs and examples are some of the background and societal responses to GAGUT when Usman Oyibo became a victim at the hands of a criminal; as well as an extraordinarily vicious medical malpractice wherein the defendant’s criminal medical malpractice actions led to Usman almost being murdered several times.

This came through the defendants fraudulently concealing his diagnosis of gout and fraudulently misrepresenting his gout condition as a “mysterious unknown disease” in order to deliberately and intentionally harm and kill Usman.  In addition to the fraudulent misrepresentation, the defendant sent the Hospital Security to medical malpractice assault and medical malpractice to dump patient Usman out into the cold for over an hour with open feet wounds to die. Thereby leading to a malicious attack on Usman by the defendants in their Hospital’s Operation Room (OR) where Usman was ambushed, lied to, and physically constrained/held physically down by the hospital OR staff  who engaged in a very vicious medical malpractice battery/attempted murder by hospital staff upon Usman. Wherein leading to the attempted murder action by the defendant Hospital’s Operating Room.

Usman had provided me with evidence and also had transcribed relevant parts of that vicious medical malpractice battery/attempted murder by hospital staff upon him here with the recording of it on a compact disc.*

The main reason why I brought up this matter to Mr. Gantt; author of Gantt Report, attention is to get justice for Usman Oyibo; who infallibly proved the hospital’s actions to be a medical malpractice case which was fraudulently denied by the State Courts where the Nassau County Supreme Court and the Appellate Court Judges and staff are fraudulently and very evilly refusing to recognize and use any of the infallible factual inputs and evidences of Usman. In do so, they are hence totally ignoring Usman’s evidence in the case, by only using the defendants’ fraudulent documents in reaching all of their so called “decisions”. These are FAKE DECISIONS by definition since they only recognize the defendants and their inputs and totally ignoring Usman and his infallible inputs.


Constitutionally Speaking, this has led to violation of Usman, 5th and 14th Constitution Amendment Rights for “Due Process Of The Law”. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution each contain a due process clause. Due process deals with the administration of justice and thus the due process clause acts as a safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the government outside the sanction of law.

No-one is above the law and everyone is subject to the Constitution and the law. The legislative and executive arms of government are bound by legal prescripts. Accountability, responsiveness and openness are constitutional watchwords. It can rightly be said that the individuals that occupy positions in organs of state or who are part of constitutional institutions are transient but that constitutional mechanisms, institutions and values endure. To ensure a functional, accountable constitutional democracy the drafters of our Constitution placed limits on the exercise of power. Institutions and office bearers must work within the law and must be accountable.

Put simply, ours is a government of laws and not of men or women.It appears that the Judge has failed to realize that “NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW” when he therein recognized the defendants testimony only, while ignoring Usman; the victim, in this case. The judges’ actions have defined them as lawyers for the defendants and not judges for the case. This is indicative and obviously CONTRARY to proper and fundamental judicial conduct oath, since judges are supposed to use evidences from both sides of the case in order to arrive at a decision; thereby granting Usman “Due Process Of The Law”.

*(This information is available on videos and compact disc format).

This attack on Usman Oyibo without any apparent causes; only due to the non-blacks irrational anger and hatred over his family being blessed with GAGUT, must be covered in all media and newspapers immediately including your own. If you need more information please contact me by e-mail. GOD bless you.