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Keeping it Natural

Our Children and Men's Hair

by Mae Johnson

About Our Children and Men’s Hair

According to Wikipedia, “a natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism, that is, found in nature. In the broadest sense, natural products include any substance produced by life.”  The products obtained directly from the nature are deemed natural products. They are the raw materials

which are used in the cosmetics and food industry.  For example: meal, is created from corn, therefore, meal is considered a natural product.

Natural hair doesn’t necessarily mean naturally kinky/curly hair.  Natural hair refers to unprocessed hair.  This can and often does include pressed hair.  Now, that the term natural is clear, it is important to move own to part two, of the “Keeping It Natural” Series.
This segment is a discussion of men and children’s hair

About The Men In Your Life

Oftentimes, fathers, husbands and sons are neglected, when it comes to hair.  So far, in the “Keeping It Natural” Series, there was a discussion of alopecia, the thinning of the hair and edges or in some cases, the complete baldness in areas of the scalp.  While alopecia affects women, men experience alopecia, more often, than women.  When men experience alopecia, it is known as male pattern baldness.
There is help for male pattern baldness, usually, if caught early.   For example: cocoa butter can benefit men’s hair growth.   Cocoa butter is known for its anti-dandruff properties and giving you healthy stronger hair follicles.  It can aid in preventing the onset of male pattern baldness.  To abate early male pattern baldness, look for products with cocoa Butter as the main ingredients.

About Our Children’s Hair

Until recently, there wasn’t much knowledge about Afrocentric hair.  The world told little girls of color that, “it was impossible to grow their hair.”  That is not true!  Little brown girls can grow very long, attractive hair.
The main issue involving little brown girls’ hair is not having the proper information needed to successfully grow their hair.

Tearing out little Brown girls’ hair is the major culprit, in hair growth limitations.  If she says, “It hurt” and if she cries in sheer agony, chances are, you are rippin 757-g her hair out and stressing/damaging the hair shaft.   Combing dry hair, from roots to ends, in one stroke, rips it out.  After repeated tension, the hair completely collapses under pressure and combs out in the next combing.
Eventually, this leads to frayed and damaged hair.  The average human, usually, sheds no more than 89 strands of hair strands per day.  If your child is losing more than that amount, you should revisit your hair care regimen and/or seek professional care.

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