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Let’s Talk About Hair: Keeping it Natural

By Mae Johnson

Traditionally women of color were taught that they must appeal to the European standards of beauty. However, a cultural shift is emerging and those once highly regarded, yet antiquated standards are losing their potency. Today, women of

color are coming into a realization that they are beautiful and have always been so. During this Let’s Talk About Hair series, we will be discussing hair issues that mainly affect black men, women, and children.

Let’s Talk About Traction Alopecia.  [MJ1]

Traction Alopecia is the thinning of the hair and edges or in some cases, the complete baldness in areas of the scalp.  Alopecia can occur by pulling your hair too much and too tight; which leads to traction alopecia.  Then it can also occur, from using caustic chemical on your hair.  Traction Alopecia occurs when this tension on the roots damages the follicles and the hair falls out.  Chemical alopecia occurs when you use harsh chemical on the hair, causing damage to the scalp.

Combing dry hair, from roots to ends, in one stroke, breaks it out.  After repeated tension, the hair completely collapses under pressure and combs out in the next combing.   Eventually, this leads to frayed and damaged hair.  You will shed some hair, daily; however, that amount is usually no more than 89 strands per day. Never, ever brush wet hair.  To do so is to weaken the strands and cause breakage.  Instead of that tight bun, try softly pulling your hair back.  However, if you wish to have a smooth wave or sleek look, try using gels and products with a high moisture content, such as, Eden’s Mist Real Flax Seed Gel.  When using a gel, don’t comb through it, once it is dry; Instead, wet your hair and let the gel soften up.

If you have your natural curl, strengthen your strands, by using Eden’s Mist Hair Serum for natural hair. To further define your curls, again, use Eden’s Mist Flaxseed Gel.  For pressed hair, try Eden’s Mist Whipped Shea Butter with Miracle 3 Oil for Hair and skin.  You will love the results.

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