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The Gantt Report – You Can’t Go Back To Get Ahead

By Lucius Gantt

     “Back to the Future” was a classic sci-fi movie about a teenager that traveled back through time in a modified DeLorean car. The teen encounters young versions of his parents and must make sure that they fall in love or he'll cease to exist.

     “Back to the Past” is what your favorite organizations and community groups believe is your best path to modern day equal rights, justice, progress and economic opportunities.

     From my personal viewpoint, the groups that you love want you to go back….and stay back!

     Let me explain.

     You don’t have to be a philosopher to understand that it is irrational, illogical and irresponsible to suggest that Black lives will be better and Black opportunities will be more available if African Americans would only

march, pray and bow down to nationalistic sheet wearers!

      Today’s head scratchers, boot lickers and buck dancers will tell you don’t be like the militants, don’t be like the protesters and don’t be a new age thinker.

      They want you to suffer now because you’ll enjoy Heaven later!

      Well, the people in the world that have money and power are living a Heavenly life right now.

      When so-called leaders of Black organizations encourage you to be passive, be docile, be reactionary and be politically and economically recalcitrant, oftentimes they will wink their eyes at you because they want you to be hoodwinked!

     They don’t want you to question why the presidents of so many Black organizations hold those positions for life, why the Black organizations favored by the imperialist press, the government and the modern day money changers will fight you harder than they fight the KKK, the Nazi Party and right wing supremacists and why the Black organizations refuse to unite with and collaborate with other Black groups.

     Come on, be honest. Even a baby that has just began to walk knows you can never get across the room to mama’s arms by taking one step forward and two steps backward.

      At every meeting, the groups that hold the titles, the positions and the offices of once desirable, but old, organizations wonder why they are experiencing drops in membership, lower financial contributions and significant Black group apathy.

     Take the handkerchiefs off of your head along with your rose colored glasses and it will be easy to realize that to the Black soldiers always on our community’s front lines and to the new generation of young Black men and women, the so-called civil rights and church organizations are what the people think they are, out of date, out of touch, and some say, out of their minds!

     Anybody can become the President of the United States, even an idiot nationalist like the current President. But if you’re brave enough to tell the truth, you can’t be the president of an old Black organization.

     Every week I attend a meeting at a Ministerial Alliance, a Coalition of Concerned Clergy or one of the many “alphabet” organizations. It’s OK for The Gantt Report to put money in the collection plate but Lucius Gantt better not say a word.

     They don’t want to read the truth, they don’t want to hear the truth, they don’t want to act on the truth and they don’t want to handle the truth!

     God loves the lions and the lambs so Black community groups should not expect everybody in our community to act and think like they do. We all have a role to play in our future, in our destiny.

     I haven’t been writing about the views and aspirations of Black and African people for the past 40 years to please the people that read this column. I’m on a mission from Oludumare. I’m going to write like I write, stand up and speak out whether you read or enjoy The Gantt Report or not.

     If you don’t know, it is not unusual for me get to get threats on my life from racist trolls that agree with Black organizations about keeping Blacks and other non-whites in their proper place, about being non-violent with people that are violent with you and about giving your physical and financial support to devils in blue suits wearing red ties just for saying, “I love Martin Luther King and Joe Lowery.”

     Brothers and sisters, it’s a new day and our people needs new strategies, new ideas and new leadership!

     If you truly love your God you should never bow down when Black organizations roll out the red carpet to spread the economic, social and political philosophies and ideologies of neighborhood devils! (Contact Lucius via his new web site at