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Eritha “Akilé” Cainion: Florida’s 22 Year Old Political Challenge

Eritha “Akilé” Cainion, traditionally known as Akilé Anai, is a 22-year-old city council candidate, born and raised in southside St. Petersburg, Florida.

Eritha Akilé Cainion: End the voter suppression of the black community

St. Petersburg, FL: The struggle for the right of black people in the U.S. to participate in the electoral arena is one that is ongoing.

In the 1960s, all throughout this country, black people were engaged in a fierce movement to gain equal rights under U.S. law, one of the most important rights being the right to vote.

Woni Spotts: First Black Woman to Leave A Mark on Every Continent in the World

Many people dream of traveling around the world but only a few could really achieve that. But Woni Spotts has completed her goal of visiting every country and continent in the world, and she is the first Black woman to do so!

Teen Mom Graduates High School as Valedictorian With More Than $1M in Scholarships

Lamyrical Harris, a teenage mother and a high school senior student in Tennessee, has recently graduated as the valedictorian of her class. She was also offered over $1 million in scholarships from several schools. She achieved it all despite the challenges that come with being a young mom.

Ontario man files $7M lawsuit over 16 ‘wrongful’ charges related to human trafficking

Everoll Powell, a chef and restaurateur, had just picked up the morning newspaper and was headed to the Wimpy’s diner he owned in Lindsay, Ont. on Feb. 20, 2014 when he was swarmed by Ontario Provincial Police and Canada Border Services vehicles in the restaurant parking lot.

Equifax paying settlement of Millions after major data breach

Equifax is set to pay out as much as $700 million in a settlement after millions of people’s data — including in Canada — was breached in 2017, reports said Friday

Reports varied on the settlement’s amount, however.

Women of the NFL United For Purpose

By Amakeda Ponds

:  Photos by Lina Pace

With the emersion of the “Me-Too Movement” and the call for equality for women’s rights, Women Empowerment has been on the rise.  So, it’s no surprise that we find women, in this case, women of the NFL (spouses of current and retired players) coming together to not only network and share common experiences, but to uplift and empower.