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Bear cubs are left to drown by their mother,

before fishermen step in to save them

Bear & cubs are part of the animal kingdom and the animal kingdom is one that we will never truly understand – no matter how hard we try. Jane Goodall tried her hardest to integrate into the world of wild chimpanzees, David Attenborough has attempted to show us the deepest and darkest spots in the ocean, and Steve Irwin has even tried to prove that crocodiles aren’t as harmful as they may seem. Yet, humans will never truly know what goes on inside of their heads, or what really makes them tick. However, zoologists around the world have collected all of their information and tried to update us on their behavior. Through these investigations, they have noted that some species maintain social groups just like us. There are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and mothers and fathers. Unfortunately, these relationships don’t always end well – as these bear cubs found out.

Over the years, humans have been taught to fear bears. We have heard of the gruesome bear attacks that have plagued North America and the surrounding areas, we have been told to avoid areas where bears are known to live by park rangers across the world, and we have been shown images of angry grizzlies ready to pounce. However, we have also been shown a different side – where bears eat honey in the Hundred Acre Wood and wear checkered uniforms as they go on an adventure. Although it’s obvious which the real bear is, we like to imagine that there’s a softer, more gentle side to these predators. This story has given us a little insight into a new kind of bear that we haven’t seen before. The vulnerable bear. This is the story of the bear cubs who were left to drown by their mother before fishermen step in to help…

A heartbreaking story

Animals play a huge part in our lives, whether they are domesticated or roam free in the wild. Despite our separation in terms of language, everyday life, and innovation, humans feel a tight connection with the animals of the world – which is why this story is so heartbreaking. This bond between man and beast is often deemed as ‘love’ and compared to the love a mother has for her children. Yet, this story might make you think a bit more about this claim. Is a mother’s love always unconditional? In this tale, an unsuspecting hero saves the day and shows that love is so much more than simply skin-deep.