Flaming Kitchen Artistry: Custard Apples

Custard Apple’s leaf to control diabetes !

Many people does know about custard apple and must be realized this, it has separate attractive blossom and taste, It’s smell takes our heart out and insists us to taste it till we drop it,

also it has vast range of health benefits which will be helpful to cure and prevent many disease conditions, not only the fruit does those things other parts like leaf does many more than that.

1. Phyto-nutrients of Custard apple Fruit:-
This fruit contains rich Vitamin C and calcium, It makes better Hydration over dry body, Other than this fruit contains rich protein, fiber, fat, minerals, phosphorous, and iron. Those phyto-nutrients are essential to human body for daily living process , without vitamins it is hard for human body to be healthy and beautiful.

2. Leaves controls Diabetes:-
Custard apple tree leaves has vast range of medicinal effects, the juice from leaves of custard apple helps to get rid of diarrhea, For dermatological patients custard leaves are the heavenly medicine,  Root of custard tree help auto-abortion problems, Not only this the skin, seed, leaf and dried wood of custard apple also has tremendous range of medicinal effects over the human body.

3. Better digestion:-
Custard apple makes better digestion thus helps to get rid of constipation and many more digestion disorders, Apply the flesh of the fruit smashed with salt on the pimples which has pus inside of it which been stayed for long time, this remedy makes pus to come out easily and heals as soon as possible, its not proven that custard apple can cure ordinary pimples which comes by hormonal changes.

4. Heal wounds and soften Hair:-
When there is unhealed wound on the skin surface, it may cause pus collection on that or may lead to septic thus may cause many more troubles, custard tree leaf juice can heal those wound easily, apply this juice over the wound surface regularly to let it heal. Make a powder of custard fruit seed and mix with some products which you use for head wash and use regularly which will give you the result of softer hair ever before.

5. Bone strength for children’s:-
When custard fruit given to children’s regularly, it makes their bone healthy and stronger, also using custard seed powder over the scalp during bath helps to prevent hair fall, this is good remedy for hair fall for both sexes, not only that; when it is used for bath at early morning can make your body cool and helps to get rid of high heat of body in a natural way.

6. Cardiac Health:-
Eating custard fruit regularly make heart muscles stronger also better circulation to the heart muscles, eating custard fruit in a regular basis can prevent many heart diseases and conditions, study done at American Universities says that daily consumption of custard fruit makes heart healthier and stronger, the starting stage of Tuberculosis can be cured by custard fruit.

7. Prevents constipation:-
If custard apple eaten regularly by post op patients, post surgical wounds gets healed as soon as possible, it helps to get rid of constipation and removes unpleasant feeling, Since this fruit contains high amount of glucose level it can boosts up energy level, also some studies are saying that it can also cure pimples which happens because of hormonal changes.

8. Prevents Sleep deprivation:-
The people who have sleeping disorder mostly go for sleeping pills, but there is a natural remedy with custard apple, before going to bed eating custard apple with two dates can result you fall in asleep and makes yourself to sleep peacefully without any disturbances in between, powder of custard fruit seeds plays an important role in making beautiful and glowing skin if mixed with other cosmetic remedies and applied over the skin.
Custard apple are high calorie content fruit which makes body stronger, since custard apple has the effect of killing lice it’s been used for making hair oil in many countries,  if it gets collapses when you press this fruit gently, we come to know that it is reached the best level of taste to eat, eating custard makes better circulation all over the body also to the brain which will be helpful in concentrating and listening thus increasing the memory power to the children’s as well as adults.

Contributed by john jegan

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Custard apples are nature’s sweet treat that can also provide a range of health benefits for you and your family.

Coming into the cooler months, keeping your immune system in good shape is extremely important. Custard apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, important for a healthy functioning immune system. One serve (150g) contains up to 64.5mg, which is more than the recommended daily target for Australian adults.

The cooler weather can also see the kilojoules creep in. With a low glycemic index (GI) of 54, custard apples can keep you fuller for longer making them a great choice for those who are weight conscious.

As a source of dietary fibre, custard apples can also help keep you regular. One serve of custard apples contains 3.75g of dietary fibre, which is11% of the daily target for Australian adults.

For those with an active lifestyle custard apples contain potassium, important for normal fluid and electrolyte balance and magnesium, important for normal nerve and muscle function.

Bowl of Custard Apple 1971 1Custard apples have a deliciously creamy texture, sweet taste and are best enjoyed fresh or as a simple yet impressive dessert. Custard apples are eaten when soft and only the flesh is eaten.

Custard apples can range in size, from 500g – 1.5kg, which makes them perfect to share with family and friends. You can simply enjoy them fresh by cutting a custard apple in half and scooping out the flesh.

The Pinks Mammoth variety can be easily pulled apart with your hands, with the flesh then scooped out with a spoon.

Custard apples pair well with other fruits such as banana, pineapple, papaya and orange and with flavours such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla and honey. They are also superb as a simple dessert. Here are some ideas!

  • Serve a custard apple with shredded coconut and nuts on top of breakfast cereal for a morning treat
  • Tease out the flesh from a custard apple, discarding the skin and black seeds, and pop the flesh into a blender with ice cream, milk and honey for a decadent smoothie
  • Serve on top of fresh walnut (or plain) sourdough with low fat ricotta, honey and cinnamon for a tasty custard apple bruschetta