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Winter in the Soul

Today is a very cold day in Florida. We have an icy wind that seems to penetrate our bones and a rain that will keep many of us inside to keep warm. Many of our homes are not insulated and the

cold travels through the cracks, under old doors and window panes. It’s as if the cold seeks the warmth of our bodies and places of shelter. You can be freezing in one room and feel warm in another! But, we are the fortunate ones because countless sisters and brothers (our human family) stay out in the cold temps as well as the blistering heat without a home and needed provisions. Many of our homeless around the world are small children. Winter for many is simply a very cold time of struggle and survival. A season when many await life and the promises of a new beginning in the spring.

Instinctually; the cold drives most warm- blooded creatures towards shelter, warmth, nourishment, and hibernation. Even the trees, plants, and flowers understand it is time to let go of what is not needed to conserve energy, cast out future seeds down into the fertile earth, and seek the sunlight. All of nature understands that spring will come and that waiting for what brings new life is part of this wonderous journey of being alive. All of this is part of the Most High’s divine plan. We experience withdrawal and cold to reawaken to the newness of Creation, to appreciate and celebrate the warmth of HIS love, and to feel inspired to reach out and help those who are left out in the cold.

Winter does not only occur in our outer environment. It can occur in our souls. We can become cold, barren, and lifeless in the deeper recesses of our beings. We can become frozen in our spirits and feel as if we are living on an island of one. Sometimes we forget that we are born to love and be loved. We were created to receive as well as share warmth. We were NOT created to live without the warmth of our CREATOR because we are gifted with the ability to turn to HIM when we feel cast out, frozen, and alone.  Our relationship with our GOD is our inheritance whether we live outside in a card board box or inside a mansion. Immanuel in Hebrew means, “God with us.” Our Messiah is with us. He hears us and knows each one of us by name. We belong to HIM and need to CRY out and seek him when we feel that our souls have become cold. Winter is only a cycle and is not meant to last past a season. Spring must arrive and the circle of life will continue. We must each push forward and continue to bring forth new life. We must not remain frozen.

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him. 1John 4:16

Salome my sisters and brothers. Peace unto you.

Written by Sister Michelle Spiritbird Harris.  She is a minister, counselor, teacher and owner of Mother’s Cottage. She can be reached at;

Please note:  Sister Michelle will only read email pertaining to serious spiritual matters, concerns, and sharing.