Live For GOD … Be Still

by Michelle Spirit-Bird Harris

Be Still

As the mama oak seems still

Until she is kissed by the wind.

Be Quiet

As the sister river seems quiet

Until made into diamonds by the rain

Be Alone

As the first evening star

Is alone

Until joined by other miraculous lights

Be Restful

As the grandmother fire seems restful

Until more kindling is fed to her flame

Now Fly

As the baby bird, now grown

Who has been kissed by the wind

Made into diamonds by the rain

Joined by other miraculous lights

With a SPIRIT that has been purified by the flame.

After this purification, you can begin to live for God.

Are you ready to fly? Our Creator has a special calling for you. A sacred purpose. No matter where you are nor whom you think you are. You are a child of the MOST HIGH. This is a perfect season to decide to purify your old self so that you may become renewed and filled with an inspirational purpose. This does not happen overnight nor is it easy. What I can tell you is that when you decide to devote your life to God and begin to study the teachings of Jesus (Jeshua) you can begin to find that you are on the road to renewing both your heart and your soul. We are purified by fire which is represented by our life experiences and we are renewed by surrendering to the power that is greater than our pain, struggles, and anxieties. Purification is born through true humility when we stand spiritually naked before our Creator and ask to be given new life. In a quiet place, we can take even an ounce of faith and pray to forgive and be forgiven that which we have done and experienced in the past. We can turn our faces towards a loving Father who will reach deep into our wounded places. We can ask because we are powerful people. God can guide you to a purpose that serves, heals, spreads love, and nourishes a hurting world. Are you willing to let go of the old and begin anew? You need only turn your past over to him and envision your future through a new window. We can begin again and again if we need to. Be still and know that you are not alone. Be courageous and know that your heart can be purified. Stand strong and represent the light. You have so many choices. I pray that this season you, my dear sisters and brothers, will choose to live for GOD.
Pray with me, “Lord, we come humbly before you this day. We thank you for this one beautiful life and ask that you fill our hearts and our souls with your healing balm of light. Illuminate the darkened places Father and help us to overcome the darkness that attempts to keep us from you. Oh, Great magnificent loving Creator, please lift us this season and guide us on the path of service to you. We ask you that no matter what our circumstances that you open a new window for each one of us to see out of. Please gift us with a vision for a brighter day. We are ready to be still and quiet in your presence and open to the Holy Spirit that wants to breathe new life into our weary bodies. We are ready Creator to live as you have designed each one of us to live. We are ready to live for you.” Thank you in the name of your Holy SON.
May you each be blessed.

Copyrighted: Michelle Harris 11/22/2017

Michelle Spirit-Bird Harris is an ordained Christian minister, spiritual counselor, professional writer, and CEO of Mother’s Cottage(a non-profit charity). She can be reached at: