106-year-old Mastanamma YouTubeing in India

Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh

Possibly the oldest YouTuber of India, 106-year-old Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh is now a popular personality on the internet, thanks to her proficiency with cooking.

Mastanamma has a channel on YouTube, which is being managed by her grandson, where she is seen cooking from scratch, producing several popular local flavours of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Her channel, Country Foods, now has over 250,000 subscribers.

Mastanamma likes to do her own chores with respect to cooking, all by herself, without any assistance from the younger generations of her family. She is well known in the locality for treating everyone who comes to her like a typical Indian grandmother, by ensuring they are all well fed.

Her first fan was her grandson himself, K. Laxman, who got the idea of starting a channel on YouTube when he made food for himself one night with his friends. This centenarian proves that it is never too late to start any endeavour.