2017 Fessenden Academy & High School Reunion

Remembering the Past to Build the Future…. Starting Today!

By Peggy Jackson

The Reunion begin on Thursday afternoon at 5:00 pm at the Ocala Hilton Hotel wherein about 75 persons were in attendance.  Each person introduced themselves and gave a brief summary of their life, after leaving Fessenden. Class of 1949 – present were in attendance.

For the Banquet on Friday night, approximate 85 were in attendance to enjoy the program which was as follows:

The Presider was Peggy Spencer-Jackson of 1962 Class who begin the program with the Invocation by Witt Green of Class 1948 followed by the Welcome & Occasion by Herbert Shaw of Class 1961.

This set the air for Recognition of Past Living Legends then Memorial & Tribute by Essie Bryant Crawford of 1965 Class. After the Memorial & Tribute, it was time for Blessing of the Food.

When dinner was almost finish, the program kicked off with Presentation of Honorees by Dr. Gilbert Raiford of 1949 Class followed by Special Entertainment. In between being entertained, Carrie Moore of 1963 Class made Fessenden Roll Call.

Fessenden Alma Mater; as outlined, was led by Diane P. Thomas of 1965 Class.

Dear Fessenden we love thee,

Thy name will stand forever more.

We’ll always strive for loyalty,

Fessenden, our Fessenden,

Whatever you may say or do,

I know that Fessenden is true

Maroon and gold will ever be

Lingering in our memory.


Dear Fessenden, we love thee,

Thy name we will adore,

We’ll always love and cherish thee,

Now and forever more.

Your loved ones we will always be,

Your smiling face we’ll always see

Here may you stand, we love you best

Fessenden, our Fessenden


Dear Fessenden, Oh Fessenden,

Our love for thee will never end,

Tho’ we may travel far away,

We’ll think of you both night and day.

Our Alma Mater we love thee

We’ll think of you both night and day.

Our Alma Mater we love tee

We’ll Fight for you so all may see

Dear Fessenden, Oh Fessenden

Our love for thee will never end.

After the Saturday Morning the Business Meeting, first it was touring the school in its present usage and then a Fish Fry on the school grounds.

Sunday Service was with Bethlehem Baptist Church at the United Theological Seminary in Ocala.

The service began with the Opening Prayer by Reverend Sims followed by the chanting of “Thank You Lord” then a selection entitled, “The Lord Is Blessing Me Right Now”.

Next was the Devotional Service by the Deacons; scripture reading from Hebrews 1:1-4; “What A Friend” for the Morning Hymn; and Prayer before another Selection entitled, “Did You Feel God Moving” and “O; Lord We Welcome Your Holy Spirit!”

Before Reverend Sims spoke from Acts 16:6 & 10 and Call To Christian Discipleship through the chanting of “Show Me The Way”, the Secretary and Johnnie Grimes gave the Announcements; the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church gave the Remarks; the Offering was conducted simultaneously with the singing of “You Keep On Blessing Me”, and the choir final selection, “My Help Comes From The Lord”.

The Benediction came from Reverend Sims.

Special Notes: Bi-Annual Reunion (every 2 years) is for everyone that attended Fessenden School or worked at Fessenden. If you are within these categories, you are asked to become a member of Fessenden Alumni Association, and the dues are only $10/year or $100/Lifetime Membership. Simply send a note stating 1) Who you are along with address, telephone number, email address and Facebook address – optional, 2) Graduating Class, and 3) Ideas to keep the Association advancing for years to come; and mail to P. O. Box 2814, Ocala, Florida 34478-2814.

See You In 2019—Travel Safe and Journey Well in Life but remember to look out for the crooks and curves on Life’s Highway.