by Phil McCullough

WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LET THIS GREAT COUNTRY of America forget about how this country was founded.

Its strengths and unity and even its test of failure has taught all of us a lesson to trust and build a relationship amongst ourselves. We have come a long ways with test and trials; and sometimes citizens even lose their lives. We will never forget their contributions toward this country; especially the soldiers who risk their lives for the freedom and power of this great nation.

From their efforts, we all should appreciate how we can express ourselves in a country that was born with freedom of speech and freedom of religion.We’ve come a long ways and we have a longs ways to go to make this nation great again. WE strive not to be the ones that will be defeated by our enemies who are trying to gain power with building missiles and practicing a lie stating that they are for peace. Terrorism must stop and threats must stop also.

Are we scared? No.

By any means necessary, we will remain the most powerful God fearing nation in the world. With God’s help and prayers from the true believers, this country will always win the war on hatred and defeat our enemies. If you are to be a citizen of these United States, you should take a stand on poverty, racism, education, and most of all, the family. Simply because love, strength and unity must first began in the home.

The home is where great leaders, actors, singers, musicians, presidents, artists, inventors, and people who change the world are born . You don’t have to be poor to be rich, but you have to be rich to defeat poverty. Rich in learning what it takes not to fall into the hands of ignorance. We must not become enslaved to others and yourselves simply because we are our own worse enemy.

Teach me to read and I’ll write a letter and a book. Teach me to love then I can heal a broken heart. Teach me to be a leader and I’ll become the president of a company , church, group, or even the US President. There is Greatness in all of us If you are torn down’ tired of struggling, lonely, or even throwing in the towel, pick yourself up again and again until you start walking tall. Some people says fake it until you make it. Don’t give in to defeat. Eat right, drink right amount of water, exercise daily, dress neat, and be the best that you can be everyday.

If this country is to be “Great Again!” as President Donald trump said and even as former President Baraka Obama said, “Change is Good!”, then we must remember where we started,where we’re going, and where we will end when the final decisions are made by leaders of this great nation.

May God Bless Amer-rica. The land of the brave and the free.

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