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Florida Cowboy Style Wedding

Mahogany Revue invites our reading audience to witness a “Cowboy Style” Wedding In Ocala Florida though this true love story of Terrance D. Lewis and LaTasha R. Edwards exchanging wedding vows Cowboy Style in July on Cowboy Time, after nearly a decade of courtship.

This was Ocala Cowboy Country Wedding eye witness news from Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church and from the receptionist at Southeastern Livestock Pavilion Auditorium.

They wore everything except their guns with holsters… The boots, jeans, hats, shirts, and most of all the smiles. Afterall, LaTasha proclaimed that Terrance stole her heart, so she was going to steal his last name!  This sounds like a cutline from the old wild, Wild West.

As they rode their horses down the center of the church, well it wasn’t quite like that, but the ceremony was performed like the old cowboy west. They had the Prelude with beautiful country mixed music before Pastor, Reverend Dr. Lorenzo Edwards, Sr entered the church. This was followed by the Grandparents and Parents – Bride (Harry & Sheila Edwards-Williams and Roosevelt Osborne); Groom- (Cassandra Lewis and Kadrian & Virginia Allen).

The Wedding Party Procession started with the Maid of Honor Erika Cook and Best Man Ray Charles Lewis- he was off the chain. The way he was stepping, you would have thought that he really had an uncover pistol in his pants. The Matron of Honor Tikiera Kinsler-Atkison escort Alex “AJ” Jones.

Bride’s Maids and Grooms’ Men: Kaliyah Cook – Timothy Swinton; Eugina Lewis – Lorenzo Lewis; Kayla Washington – Jeremy Atkison; and Deangelius Youmans – Juarquize Thomas, Jr.

Jr. Bride’s Maid  & Groom’s Man – Abrianna Lewis escort Kamar Allen; Ring Bearer Terrance Lewis, Jr; Town’s Criers (Bell Toiler); James “JL” Lewis IV and Jordan Rother. After the Criers, the Flower Girls (Amari Peterson, Ricariya Tanner, Eriani Davis the Wagon Puller, Tyhir Swinton the broom carrier, and Al’zeri Jones the Bible Carrier) opened the road for LaTasha, the Bride.

By the way, the Groom was on standby, awaiting up front for his wifey to be. When the Criers sounded the bell, you could hear the Groom exhale a couple of times. He exhales so hard, the entire church warmed up.

Once the Bride entered the arena , it was show-down not whore down time. She was gun-slinging her new last name before the vows were exchanged.  She let everybody know with that glowing smile through her beautiful crown that she was a force not to be reckoned with at this moment and time. The way she came in stepping, I swore I heard a 22-special go off. It turned out to be the fire crackers outside.

The Bride’s entrance brought forth the scripture reading, exchanging of vows and rings, the Lord’s Prayer, the Unity Sand Ceremony, Prayer, Pronouncement of Marriage, Jumping of the Broom, and the Recessional.

Now the Bride and Groom was really slick like a true cowboy and cowgirl.  They left out the part that read, if anybody has a reason for these two not to be joined in Holy Matrimony speak now for forever hold their peace.  Well, they had something to say, they had to forever hold their peace because they could not speak about it anyway.