Miami Senator Resigns After Racial Tirade

Miami Senator Resigns After Racial Tirade

Gibson’s ‘ordeal’ ends with Artiles doing ‘the right thing Drop head: by St. Clair Murraine Outlook staff writer Up to the minute that Sen. Frank Artiles decided to resign almost a week More »

“Are You Prepared to Kill Somebody?”

“Are You Prepared to Kill Somebody?”

A Day With One of America’s Most Popular Police Trainers The dark vision of “killology” expert Dave Grossman. Marching around the stage in a theater in Lakeport, California, Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman More »

Florida Sabal Trail Opponents

Florida Sabal Trail Opponents

Sabal Trail Opponents Say Pipeline Is Part of Florida’s ‘Overbuilt’ Gas Infrastructure By Larry Buhl • Friday, December 9, 2016 Shar e The shale boom and low prices for natural gas have More »

Sabal Trail Pipeline Seizes Florida Properties

Sabal Trail Pipeline Seizes Florida Properties

Federal judges have ordered that landowners in Central Florida turn over their property to the Sabal Trail pipeline project.   Paul BrinkmannContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel Utilities claim that the underground pipeline will bring More »

The 34 Annual Conference of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida

The 34 Annual Conference of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida

On April 1 -3, 2016, the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida will host its 34th Annual Conference at the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819. “This is the year More »


Miami Senator Resigns After Racial Tirade

Gibson’s ‘ordeal’ ends with Artiles doing ‘the right thing Drop head:

by St. Clair Murraine

Outlook staff writer

Up to the minute that Sen. Frank Artiles decided to resign almost a week ago, he seemed ready to put up a fight in spite of national outcry over his profaned and racially laced attack on Sen. Audrey Gibson.

But while the racial scars from Artiles’ tirade may linger, many are calling his decision to leave the Florida Senate “the right thing.”

Gibson, a Jacksonville senator, had little to say following Artiles’ resignation and apology.

“This has been an ordeal that no one should have to endure,” Gibson said in a statement. “I wish him well in all of his endeavors”

Later in response to a request from the Capital Outlook for comment, she said, “I thank everyone for their outpouring of support.”

Tampa senator Darryl Rouson was just as succinct in his reaction to the resignation of the senator from Miami.

“Artiles did the only honorable thing left and that was to spare the Senate of more hard feelings,” Rouson said. “It never should have happened in the first place. He did the right thing by resigning.”

Artiles’ attack on Gibson followed some casual conversation while members of the Senate  were socializing at the Governor’s Club. The conversation between Artiles and Gibson evolved into what has become a well-documented outburst by Artiles.

By Gibson’s account of what happened at the Governor’s Club, Artiles began by letting her know he didn’t like the position that she’d taken on some of his bills.

He’d also expressed his dissatisfaction a week earlier in the Senate, she said.

Artiles told her, “Don’t ask me stupid questions about my bills because I was elected just like you and you don’t get to tell me what to do,” Gibson said.

During his public outburst, he referred to her by several denigrating names, including the  use of the N-word. He also lashed out at Fort Lauderdale senator Perry Thurston and senate president Joe Negron (R-Stewart), using profane language.

With that, Artiles’ attack “escalated to a point of no return,” Thurston said at a press conference held by members of Tallahassee clergy to call for Artiles’ resignation.

“It was horrific,” Gibson said at the gathering of ministers. “No one has ever addressed me in such a manner ever in my entire life and I’ve never heard such nasty comments about leadership in my entire life.”

Two days after the ministers vehemently called for Artiles’ ouster, Rev. R.B. Holmes, who led the protest, asked that the senator be forgiven.

“I sincerely want to commend Senator Frank Artiles for doing the right thing by resigning from the Florida Senate,” Holmes said in a statement. “I know this was a difficult decision for him and his family.

“I am thankful that he followed his heart and put the great state of Florida first.  We must all forgive him and pray that God will bless him with a great future.”

Just days before he announced his resignation, Artiles hired Tallahassee attorney Steven Andrew, who contended that his client’s comments were protected under the First Amendment.

At the same time the Senate was in the process of considering removal of Artiles from office under pressure from protesters, including members of the Florida legislature Black caucus.

But the effort to remove Artiles came to a halt when he announced his resignation.

“I apologize; I am so sorry for the words and the tone that I used with you regretfully Monday night,” Artiles said to Gibson. “There is no excuse nor will I offer one. My comments to you were the most regretful of all because they injured you personally.


“I apologize to my family and friends and I apologize to all of my fellow Senators and lawmakers. To the people of my district and all of Miami-Dade, I am sorry I have let you down and ask for your forgiveness.”

While saying that he didn’t want to belabor the incident, Rouson praised Gibson, the most senior female member of the Senate, for her work.

“She is a respected member of the senate who is known as a warrior on issues,” he said.


“Are You Prepared to Kill Somebody?”

A Day With One of America’s Most Popular Police Trainers

The dark vision of “killology” expert Dave Grossman.

Marching around the stage in a theater in Lakeport, California, Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman tells his audience that they shouldn’t go out looking for people to kill, because those who need killing—the “gangbangers,” terrorists, and mass murderers—will come to them. All they need to do is be ready. “Are you prepared to kill somebody?” he asks me and the small group of “armed citizens” who’ve paid $90 or more to see him. “If you cannot answer that question, you should not be carrying a gun.”

Two hours into his high-octane, six-hour seminar, the self-described top police trainer in the nation is just getting warmed up. Grossman, a 60-year-old former Army Ranger, wears low-slung blue jeans, an ornate Western belt buckle, and a black button-up emblazoned with the words “Grossman Academy,” the “O” stitched like a bull’s-eye. He sports a military haircut. Onstage are two giant easel pads, their legs taped to the floor so that they don’t go crashing down whenever he hits them to punctuate his points. “We fight violence. What do we fight it with? Superior violence. Righteous violence.” Like a preacher, he doesn’t bother with notes.

In the era of Black Lives Matter, Grossman insists that cops must be more, not less, prepared to use force.

Over the past two decades, Grossman has achieved semi-celebrity status as an authority on aggression, close combat, and the psychology of violence. He literally wrote the book on killing, On Killing. His books have been translated into several languages and he says they are required reading at the FBI Academy and many law enforcement academies. He’s lectured at West Point and claims to have conducted trainings for every federal law enforcement agency, every branch of the armed forces, and cops in all 50 states. For more than 19 years, he’s been on the road, leading seminars and trainings nearly 300 days a year. He has a black belt in Hojutsu, the Japanese art of shooting. (Grossman did not grant my request to attend one of his police trainings, nor did he agree to be interviewed.)

Grossman’s philosophy grew out of the two decades he says he spent training soldiers to kill more efficiently. The military has long taught its troops to kill through a process of conditioned response—aim, shoot, aim, shoot—that’s meant to override the part of the brain that asks, “Should I be doing this?” By refining this approach, Grossman and others claim, the US military boosted its kill ratio—the percentage of frontline soldiers who actually shoot to kill—from between 15 and 25 percent during World War II to as much as 100 percent during the Vietnam War. (These figures and the scholarship behind them have been fiercely debated.) Grossman takes this a step further. Rather than simply conditioning soldiers and police officers to shoot without hesitation, he teaches them to embrace their responsibility to kill. “Killing’s not the goal,” he cautioned in a 2004 interview with Frontline. “But we all understand that killing is the likely outcome.”

Grossman calls his discipline “killology“—”the scholarly study of the destructive act.” Though he spent years as a soldier, he has never killed anyone in combat. And while he is a luminary to many in law enforcement, the “warrior” mentality he espouses is under fire. As Black Lives Matter has exposed the prevalence of police abuses and the confrontational attitude that often sparks them, Grossman continues to insist that cops are the ones under siege and that they must be more, not less, prepared to use force. “The number of dead cops has exploded like nothing we have ever seen,” he tells the armed citizens in Lakeport. (That is not true: The average annual number of police officers intentionally killed while on duty in the past decade is 40 percent lower than it was in the 1980s.) If emergency medicine and body armor hadn’t improved since the 1970s, Grossman claims, “the number of dead cops would be eight times what it is” today. It’s not clear how he arrived at these figures.

Grossman says, “The number of dead cops has exploded like nothing we have ever seen.” That is not true.

Last summer, after a black man named Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis, it was revealed that two years earlier the officer, Jeronimo Yanez, had attended “The Bulletproof Warrior,” a two-day training taught by Grossman and his colleague Jim Glennon. Shortly after this came out, the sheriff of Santa Clara County, California, which includes San Jose, canceled an upcoming Grossman training, saying her officers were meant to be “peacemakers first and warriors second.”

Grossman’s trainings are “fear porn,” says Craig Atkinson, a filmmaker who attended one for his documentary on police militarization, Do Not Resist. He wonders how the Castile incident might have played out if Officer Yanez hadn’t heard “Dave Grossman tell him that every single traffic stop could be, might be, the last stop you ever make in your life.” Grossman is “more of a motivational speaker than a trainer,” says Seth Stoughton, a former cop and law professor at the University of South Carolina who studies the regulation of police. In Grossman’s worldview, Stoughton says, “the officer is the hero, the warrior, the noble figure who steps into dark situations where others fear to tread and brings order to a chaotic world, and who does so by imposing their will on the civilians they deal with.” This approach to policing is outdated and ineffective, says Stoughton, and, “some of it is dangerously wrong.” Samuel Walker, a criminal-justice professor and expert on police accountability, says the “Bulletproof Warrior” approach is “okay for Green Berets but unacceptable for domestic policing. The best police chiefs in the country don’t want anything to do with this.”

Glennon has said that the reporting on his and Grossman’s police seminars is inaccurate. “The word ‘warrior’ has been hijacked by people in order to prove their false thesis, that law enforcement officers are training like military warriors, which is to shoot first, ask questions later; that everybody’s out to kill you, so you better kill them first. And there is absolutely zero truth to that in our course, none,” he told a Minnesota newspaper after the Castile shooting.

The booklet Grossman hands out at his civilian training contains some of the same content that cops receive. There are charts and tables on “perceptual distortions in combat” and “combat efficiency.” A section titled “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” lists Bible verses that distinguish between justified killing and murder. Grossman does tell us that “oftentimes in police training, the right answer is not to shoot.” But he quickly pivots back to his message that right behind the police, gun owners are the “front-line troops” in his war. (The fact that there hasn’t been a homicide in rural Lakeport since 2002 doesn’t slow him down.)

“Hacking and stabbing little kids! When you hear about a day care massacre, tell them Grossman said it was coming!”

Onstage, Grossman comes off as both unglued and also quite sincere. He emphasizes the need for firearms training, and his voice cracks when he talks about the “slaughtered children” in school shootings. “This is not right. These are just kids,” he says. “Never lose your sense of outrage over this.”

But he also views the world as almost unrecognizably dangerous: a place where gang members seek to set records for killing cops, where a kid “in every school” is thinking about racking up “a body count.” His latest book, Assassination Generation, insists that violent video games are turning the nation’s youth into mass murderers. The recent wave of “massacres” is just the beginning. (“Please stop calling them mass shootings!”) He smacks the easels: “These [thump] crimes [thump] are [thump] everywhere!” He foresees attacks on school buses and day care centers. “Kindergartners run about point-five miles an hour and get a burst of about 20 yards and then they’re done.” It won’t just happen with guns, but with hammers, axes, hatchets, knives, and swords. His voice jumps an octave: “Hacking and stabbing little kids! You don’t think they’ll attack day cares? It’s already happening in China. When you hear about a day care massacre,” he shouts, “tell them Grossman said it was coming!”

That’s not the end of it. “More people are signing up with ISIS than we can count,” Grossman says. He predicts a terrorist organization will soon detonate a nuclear bomb off the West Coast. “We have never been more likely to be nuked, and we have never been less prepared!” Terrorists will send “suicide bio-bombers” across the border to spread deadly diseases. “The day will come,” Grossman insists. “Folks, it is very, very bad out there!”

Grossman is already prepared for the worst—even in the quietest of moments. He tells us a story: One night he was walking with his three-year-old granddaughter and his German Shepard around a lake near where they live. He was armed, “of course,” with a gun and a knife. The sky darkened, and his granddaughter looked up. “There are scary things in the dark,” she said. Grossman chuckled. “Yeah,” he said. “It’s us.”

The Gantt Report – Blacks and Fake News

By Lucius Gantt

At one time in history the only news that Black people could get was the news they got from Black media. Positive news articles back in the day about Black scholars, Black philosophers, Black entrepreneurs, Black socialites, Black entertainers, Black athletes and Black clergy could only be found in The Pittsburg Courier, The Atlanta Daily World, The Chicago Defender, The Amsterdam News, The Black World and other Black media.

Today, most African Americans get their news from the digital devils!

To many of the people that look like you, if it’s not on Twitter, it’s not news. If it’s not true, it wouldn’t be on Facebook or other internet sites. And, worst of all, if it’s not in the white owned and controlled so-called mainstream media, some people that are not reading this column believe that the news and information couldn’t be worthwhile!

Most news reports have always been fake, or at least, lacking in factual content. The idiotic idea that “fake news” just began with Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump is laughable to America’s and the globe’s world class journalists.

It is easy to fake news stories in the United States because Americans love less information. They want their news in bits. They prefer the sound bite over the documentary. They enjoy news that is quick, fast and easy and hate to have to read more than a paragraph, news they can listen to for only a minute or two and broadcast  news that lasts shorter than the Viagra commercials that follow it!

Most political campaigns that can afford it hire a group of professional people they call “opposition researchers”. These people are hired to locate the worst voting records, the most unsavory news reports and most disgusting photographs they can find of the candidates that they oppose.They twist and turn or fake what they find to make final reports even worse.

You don’t have to hire someone all of the time to dig up dirt. People with their own personal vendettas will create fake web sites or make real-looking fake internet posts to defame or encourage hate about a candidate, a political party or a political policy that they don’t like.

What Trump lovers did to get people to hate Democrats was sad, no doubt, but Democrats could have done the same type things to Republicans or at the very least Democrats could have responded to fake news stories by exposing lying authors, fake web sites and slimy degenerate perpetrators to the voters that wanted the truth about opposing candidates!

Yes, the true news of today is the news that newspaper editors, internet managers, broadcast owners and news directors and media corporations want true news to be. Everything else is fake, false or corrupted!

It is impossible for FOX News and MSNBC News networks to both be so different and both be true at the same time.

Things have gotten so bad the Emmys need to add another award category, “Best Fake News Story of the Year”!

If the news reporter is with you, you are a rebel and a freedom fighter. If the newsman is against you, you are a terrorist. Is the network is with you, you are a legitimate protester. If they are against you, you are thugs and criminals!

If your nation or foreign country supports capitalism and greed, you are a democratically elected political leader. If your foreign government disagrees with capitalists, war mongers, and corporate exploitation of natural resources like oil and commodities, you are a dictator, a despot and a murderer!

If only Black people had read Black newspapers and visited Black news sites they would have known exactly who America’s political players were, who the political devils were and who the Black political professionals were that they could trust.

The devil’s reporters were wrong about who would win the 2016 elections and our people were wrong to parrot, to puppet and to believe the fake news stories that the devil created.

Support The Gantt Report and support Black owned media that will give our people the other side of the story, the true side! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

Leaked Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline Executive Says

Leaked Audio: Dakota Access Pipeline Executive Says “Election Night Changed Everything” and DAPL “Is Going Through”

Dakota Access

Shaun King, a writer for the New York Daily News, has uploaded what appears to be a recorded audio file of Energy Transfer Partners’ Chief Operating Officer saying that “election night changed everything” for the company as it relates to its embattled Dakota Access Pipeline.

King stated on social media and on the SoundCloud page on which he posted the file that a source sent him the file on December 13, hours after Matthew Ramsey — COO of Energy Transfer Partners — gave his speech. The source who gave King the audio, he explains on SoundCloud, “claimed to be in a corporate meeting at Energy Transfer Partners” and told him that the person speaking was Matthew Ramsey, the COO of Energy Transfer Partners. King also wrote that the recording was made during a mandatory company meeting.

“I’ve got to tell you, election night changed everything,” Ramsey apparently said in the 10-minute clip, the authenticity of which DeSmog could not independently verify. “We now are going into a transition where we are going to have a new President of the United States who gets it. He understands what we’re doing here and we fully expect that as soon as he gets inaugurated his team is going to move to get the final approvals done and we’ll begin to put [Dakota Access] across Lake Oahe.”

Dakota Access has yet to receive the easement permit it needs from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in order to cross Lake Oahe, which the company has publicly decried. Ramsey said in the clip, one in which the voice sounds similar to his voice heard in a November 21 company conference call, that it will take about 65 days to cross the lake once they get the permit.

Energy Transfer Partners recently saw one of the members of its Board of Directors, former Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry, nominated as U.S. Secretary of Energy by President-elect Donald Trump. Perry also sits on the Board of Directors of Dakota Access LLC co-owner, Sunoco Logistics.

Two days after the presidential election, Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren expressed a similar sense of jubilation about the prospects for Dakota Access when Trump assumes the White House.

Having a government that actually backs up what they say that we’re going to support infrastructure, we’re going to support job creation, we’re going to support growth in America, and then actually does it?,” Warren told The Dallas Morning News. “My God, this is going to be refreshing.”

Warren was a major donor to Perry’s short-lived run for president during the Republican Party primary cycle and also served as a major donor to Trump’s presidential campaign. Warren also sat on the advisory board for Perry’s run for president.

Ramsey and Energy Transfer Partners spokeswoman Vicki Granado did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DeSmog.

“Quite a Fight”

In the tape, the voice that appears to belong to Ramsey spoke about the political battle ensuing over Dakota Access, which has lasted almost two years and recently stalled temporarily after the Army Corps of Engineers said it needed more time to do a more thorough environmental impact statement for the prospective Lake Oahe easement. The fight against the pipeline has engendered one of the largest cross-tribe mobilizations of Native American people in U.S. history.

“This has been quite a fight here on [Dakota Access],” remarked Ramsey. “So let me just tell you, make no mistake about it, this pipeline is going through. It’s going through exactly where we have planned.”

He also said Energy Transfer Partners “always, always plays by the rules” as it relates to following the letter of the law for its projects, saying that Dakota Access LLC “crossed every ‘t’ [and] dotted every ‘i’” relating to rules and regulations.

Meeting With Police

Police repression has also played a central role in the ongoing Dakota Access fight and so the audio confirms what many likely already thought. That is, law enforcement has worked closely alongside Dakota Access LLC to fend off those fighting against the project.

“We met with some of the officials in North Dakota [during a recent trip to the state],” said Ramsey. “We met with the National Sheriff’s Association. People are tired of this. They’re tired of seeing what’s going on in the community and we think that the tide has turned and people are understanding what a great project this would be for the State of North Dakota. That came right out of the governor’s mouth. He’s very much in favor of this thing. So, I think we’re off and running on [Dakota Access].”

“I know that everybody in this room has had to deal with the protesters. Everybody in this room has had to read on social media the misinformation that’s out there. It’s not fair. We feel like keeping our head down and doing what we do best, which is to put this pipeline in the ground, is the best thing we can do. We never stopped doing that.”

“A lot of times people say to me, and I’d like to answer this question more directly, ‘Why don’t we just immediately answer back every time something is stated wrong about the company and what we’re doing?’,” said Ramsey.

“Not About Water…Lots and Lots of Money”

Concerns about water contamination and a pipeline spill have played a central role in galvanizing support for those who have protested alongside the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Indeed, participants in the protests and encampment call themselves “water protectors.” But the audio captures Ramsey dismissing those concerns out of hand, saying it is “not about water” at all.

“And you have to understand, and I didn’t really understand this until I got deep into it. This is not really about water. This is not about [unintelligible]… this is about environmental activism. And it’s nothing more than that.”

But as King pointed out, a pipeline spill actually took place the morning Ramsey gave his speech, however. That spill of 176,000 gallons of oil into a creek ensued just 150 miles from the Standing Rock protest site.

Ramsey also alluded to the “Keep It In The Ground” campaign, saying that Dakota Access fit under the umbrella of those demanding to keep all fossil fuels in the ground. Keep It In The Ground, though, did not target the pipeline as part of its broader campaign and focuses on supply, not midstream assets like pipelines.

“These are people that are pushing to keep all fossil fuels in the ground, at every angle. And make no mistake. This is an event that they are using to raise lots and lots of money. If they can create a cause and they can create a lot of publicity, which they’ve clearly done here, it’s an avenue for them to raise money. Not only to fight us on this project, but to fight all infrastructure projects like this in the United States,” Ramsey claimed.

“So we’ll continue to fight through this thing. But please, please, please be confident in this company. We are going to get this thing through in short order. We couldn’t be more confident in that fact. And look for us to be pouring oil through this thing in spring of next year.”

“Water Is Everything”

In a December 11 interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Trump said Dakota Access will “start one way or the other” once he takes office, but did not offer any detail beyond that.

Not everyone believes that “election night changed everything,” however. Enter Jane Kleeb, Founder and President of the Bold Alliance.

“Election night did nothing to change Big Oil from trampling over property rights of farmers and Sovereign rights of Tribal Nations,” Kleeb told DeSmog. “For us in the states, in the proposed pipeline routes, water is everything. Our livelihoods, our families, our communities all rely on clean water.”

The Gantt Report: Dating Donald

By Lucius Gantt

Internet dating sites are a quick way to see and consider men and women that appear to be relationship possibilities.

It doesn’t take long, however, to realize that photos and information considered from afar, so to speak, are oftentimes far from looking and being good.

To me, President Elect Donald Trump is like many of the people that have profiles on dating web sites.

If you scroll through a hundred profiles on any of the dating sites you will find that 90% of what you find is not what you thought you had found!

The person’s names are not their names, their home towns are not their home towns, their education status is not a measure of their schooling, their income is not nearly what their worth is and the pictures they post on their dating profiles is not a true and recent photo of how they currently look!

America’s 2016 voters were just like the people that surf the internet dating sites. They were looking for someone to love, looking in all of the wrong places!

I’ve told you time and time and time again that Republicans had this campaign thing down pat while Democrats and others had no clue about how to influence voters, how to determine a political professional from a political charlatan, how to effectively mobilize and solidify its most loyal base of voters, how to create and deliver successful political messages and how to win national, statewide or local elections!

Some candidates will do anything to win. They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal and they will hire anybody that can help them win and it doesn’t matter what race they are, what party they are affiliated with or what campaign contributors , who know little or nothing about winning elections, tell them to do.

Who can help them win is the primary motivating factor n putting together a campaign team that can win elections!

President Elect Donald Trump may be a fool but he is no dummy!

Trump knew what was on the minds of business owners, racists, sexists,  segregationists, white nationalists, unemployed Americans, rural Americans, war mongers, industrialists, and many other groups and he knew what words to use and speeches to make to fire them up during election time.

Trump blamed everybody in elected office for both existing and non-existing governmental problems, he described himself as “perfect”, he said he knew more about government, about military operations, about international government relations, foreign trade, race relations, religion, health care and other issues than anyone else in America.

And the people believed him. The people were looking for someone to love.

Well, most marriages don’t last happily ever after, they don’t last through better and worse or through richer and poorer.

I believe the love affair between the President Elect and the people that voted for him will one day end in divorce!

When you meet that allegedly special person on or and they turn out to be totally different than what they advertised on their profiles, love can turn to hate.

Don’t worry, once the people discover who they voted for they will desire to make a change. Once people realize they have been politically pimped, they will seek to choose a different political Mack.

And, once the people find out that you can’t depend on governments or elected officials to solve all of their most important life issues, the people will begin to take care of and believe in themselves!

The date with Donald will not last as long as you thought it would!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

Florida Sabal Trail Opponents

Sabal Trail Opponents Say Pipeline Is Part of Florida’s ‘Overbuilt’ Gas Infrastructure

The shale boom and low prices for natural gas have encouraged a pipeline bonanza in the U.S. Fourteen new pipelines — carrying both oil and natural gas — are either on the drawing board or are nearing completion, adding to the existing 2.5 million miles of energy pipelines in the nation.

Like many of these pipelines, the Sabal Trail pipeline crosses major watersheds, environmentally sensitive areas, and residential neighborhoods, where property is being seized by eminent domain.

DeSmog previously has examined the growing public opposition to the pipeline, with citizens in Florida and Georgia citing numerous construction violations that could cause environmental destruction.

Opponents of the 515-mile-long pipeline allege that the fast and clumsy installation has followed a fast-tracked approval process, unencumbered by proper government oversight. And they doubt that most of the estimated one billion cubic feet of fracked gas flowing through Sabal Trail each day will even be needed in Florida.

Which raises the question, critics say: Where will most of the gas be heading?

New sections of pipe being laid as part of the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Pipeline ready for installation in Newberry, Florida. Critics say construction could permanently destroy nature preserves and aquifers. Credit: Jesse Hughes

EPA Bails, Lawsuit Filed

In October 2015, four Georgia representatives wrote a letter to FERC to express “serious environmental justice issues” with Sabal Trail, as well as possible health threats to nearby residents, many of whom are low income and African American.

That same month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expressed “significant concerns” that the Sabal Trail pipeline could threaten the Floridan Aquifer in Georgia and Florida. Two months later the agency did an inexplicable about-face, dashing environmentalists’ hopes of at least slowing down the project.

James Giattina, director of the EPA’s Water Protection Division, wrote in a letter that the pipeline would temporarily destroy conservation areas, but that the Sabal Trail company promised “to let these conservation areas naturalize to pre-construction conditions and as a result, this land use conversion should not be a significant long-term environmental issue.”

In August, environmental groups Gulf Restoration Network, Flint Riverkeeper, and the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for issuing three Clean Water Act permits to allow Sabal Trail pipeline construction.

The suit claims the Army Corps failed to provide proper notice and public participation opportunities and charges that the pipeline project fails to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Specifically, the suit claims that the environmental impact statement (EIS) for Sabal Trail was inadequate.

(The EIS) did not consider how gas was extracted, where it was originating, and the climate impact of power stations along the route,” Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, a Sierra Club organizer, told DeSmog. “It doesn’t even account for sinkholes.”

In November, a motion for a stay that would halt construction was denied. Malwitz-Jipson says the court may hear their case in early 2017, but a date has not been set.

Protesters against the Sabal Trail pipeline demonstrate in Gainesville, Florida

A protest against Sabal Trail in Gainesville, Florida, in October. Pipeline opponents say few Floridians know about the project. Credit: Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

Gas for Florida’s Needs, or Export?

Beyond the environmental impacts, opponents of Sabal Trail say the pipeline is not needed, because Florida already has more gas than it needs.

According to the Sabal Trail website, other companies will construct a connecting pipeline, which will complete the delivery to Florida Power and Light (FPL) in Martin County, on Florida’s Atlantic coast. But activists say that it’s unlikely that FPL, which is using $3 billion of ratepayer money to fund the pipeline, will be the only destination for oil flowing through Sabal Trail pipes.

John Quarterman, president of the anti-Sabal Trail group Wwals Watershed Coalition, recalled that Sabal Trail representatives, when pressed at public hearings, maintained that, as a pipeline company they had no idea where gas going through their pipes might end up, a claim that he and other activists find hard to believe.

Chris Pedersen, writing for the industry publication in October 2014, wrote that Transco and Sabal Trail pipelines could be used to explore new overseas markets for Utica and Marcellus Shale gas.

Sabal Trail opponents say gas flowing through the Sabal Trail pipeline could easily end up at export terminals on the Florida coast. For example, LNG distributor STROM has filed for a Free Trade Permit with the Department of Energy and is proposing two Florida port facilities — one existing and one new — that would eventually source from Sabal Trail.

A Sabal Trail spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution just before construction began that the pipeline “will increase energy diversity, security, and reliability to these Southeast markets.”

But, as the Sierra Club pointed out in its opposition to Sabal Trail in 2014, Florida already gets 60% of its electricity from natural gas, and adding a third pipeline would actually decrease energy diversity.

Sabal Trail’s parent company did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

Oversupply of Natural Gas and Infrastructure

Even if, as Sabal Trail suggests, the fracked gas passing through the pipeline will ultimately be used in Florida, that goes against Floridians’ demonstrated desire for more affordable and available solar energy.

Last month, Florida voters rejected Amendment 1, a misleading, utility-funded measure that would ultimately limit the expansion of rooftop solar in the state. And in August, Floridians passed Amendment 4, which provides tax breaks for solar and renewable energy equipment on commercial buildings.

Critics of Sabal Trail and other pipelines say gas infrastructure projects are meant to be a fossil fuel firewall against populist-backed green energy. Environmentalists and even industry insiders say that Sabal Trail is part of a deliberate overbuilding of natural gas pipeline infrastructure for profit, with ratepayers picking up the tab.

As Southeast Energy News reported: “‘The pipeline business will overbuild until the end of time,’ announced Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), a Dallas, Texas, natural gas and propane company, at an August 2015 earnings call.”

“If you construct a major pipeline to bring gas into Florida, it will only create further dependence on it,” Johanna DeGraffenreid of Gulf Restoration Network told DeSmog. “This new gas transmission may lock Florida into fossil fuels for the next twenty or thirty years, and this is not something Floridians want.”

Main image: A map of the Sabal Trail pipeline route and current and proposed LNG terminals. Opponents say much of the fracked gas will be exported. Credit: Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

The Gantt Report: Political Messenger

By Lucius Gantt

If you don’t believe African American voters have been sold some political snake oil, it will be crystal clear during the term of President elect Donald Trump!

So called Negroes have told you election after election that our future, our progress and our hope was based on our blind support of a political party that, in many ways, seldom supported us.

Not only were our issues not supported, our causes not supported and our businesses were not supported, we were neglected, we were exploited and we were used!

It’s hard to tell sometimes, but back in the day, in most states, a Republican political candidate couldn’t win a rat race.

Now, even in areas where there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans, conservative candidates of any political party or persuasion, beat Democratic candidates like Buddy Miles once beat snare drums!

Even Stevie Wonder can see that over the years Democrats tried their best to be more Republican than Republicans and that strategy failed miserably!

They were reluctant to stand up and speak out strongly about the issues that were important to Democratic loyalists, to workers, to Latinos, to Blacks and to other groups that have lived and died for Democratic candidates.

Democrats didn’t just get beat at the ballot box, they got beat in the media, they got beat in the ground game, they got beat on social media, they got beat in early voting, they got beat in absentee voting and nearly every other way!

Historically, getting beat is an occasional thing. One party wins a few seats and two years or four years later the opposition wins a few seats back.

The Democratic Party went on a downward spiral probably in the 1980s when in one state by one Republicans began to take over on state and local levels.

How did they do it? Republicans hired people that could deliver, people who could generate votes and people who could help them win elections!

The GOP didn’t care what your registration or party affiliation was, they didn’t care what your economic status was, they didn’t even care what your race was. If you could help their candidates win, Republicans would hire you.

Democrats labeled their political advisors. The only hired “Democratic” consultants, Democratic printers, Democratic media consultants and professionals, Democratic pollsters and so on.

On the face, nothing is wrong with that. What is wrong is continuing to hire people election after election that insist on giving you bad strategy, bad advice, inaccurate poll data, ineffective GOTV operations, poor broadcast and print media and worst of all, pitiful and disgusting message creation and distribution!

The Democratic Party can quickly turn around their political fates by hiring people who can reach both urban and rural voters, both employed and unemployed Americans, males and females and United States voters of each and every race creed and color with political messages that motivate and inspire people to cast votes for their candidates!

But they have to get rid of the old and employ new political messengers immediately. Democrats cannot wait until late in future election years to retain and employ new age political experts and consultants.

The best political consultants work for money. They are just as comfortable working for Democrats as they are when working for Republicans or Independents.

It’s all about the political message! You can’t kill the messengers so hire them to work for the Democratic Party and the “elephant” will rise again and win again!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

Sabal Trail Pipeline Seizes Florida Properties

Utilities claim that the underground pipeline will bring “affordable, clean natural gas supplies to Florida”

For the vast majority of property owners along the path of the Sabal Trail pipeline, it’s all over but the crying — and arguments about money.

Judges in the Central Florida cases have now issued preliminary injunctions handing most of the properties over to the pipeline.

About 25 properties in Central Florida, and 135 more in the Southeast, were hit by eminent-domain federal lawsuits filed in March by the pipeline company. Overseen by Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, the pipeline is a joint venture of Spectra Energy Corp., NextEra Energy Inc. (owner of FPL) and Duke Energy.

“In almost every case, the argument going forward will be about the value of the property,” said Nick Dancaescu, an attorney who is representing property owners in 41 pipeline cases. “Voluntary full settlements are also happening, where the owner has agreed to a price outside of the lawsuits even after they were filed.”

One property in Osceola County, where developers envisioned more than 2,400 homes for the proposed Greenpointe Communities, could be subject to a lot of dispute about value.

The pipeline will slice through the middle of the proposed development near Intercession City.

“They have the federal right to seize the property. We had spent months trying to get them to move the pipeline, but we’ve given up the battle on that. I have signed a letter to allow them to enter our property,” said Gerald McGratty, a court-appointed receiver who oversees the property, also known as BK Ranches.

According to McGratty, “We had a buyer for the property, and they walked away, because of the pipeline.”

He said Sabal Trail offered him $600,000 for the property, but he thinks it has caused him millions of dollars in losses. So far, only $448,000 has been paid by Sabal into an escrow account.

One concession that McGratty said he did get: An agreement to bury the pipeline deeper in some parts so roads and utilities can cross it.

The project, called the Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline, targeted 25 properties in Central Florida, mostly in Osceola County.

Fitness celebrity Brenda Dykgraff was another target in a lawsuit. But she simply sold easements to the pipeline over her property near Reunion, according to public records, which indicated two easements running over two acres, sold for about $84,000.

The pipeline company insisted that it already has federal authority to seize the property under the Natural Gas Act. Sabal claimed its project must be under construction by June this summer and in service, by May 1, 2017.

According to maps provided by the utilities, the Sabal pipeline will come through the Four Corners area of northwestern Osceola County, dip south of Walt Disney World property, cross Interstate 4 near Celebration and connect with a hub of pipelines just west of Reunion Resort Golf Course.

The Greenpointe property is one of the biggest properties targeted in Central Florida. The Sabal Trail Transmission project is seeking almost 20 acres for a 50-foot wide easement through the 1,000-acre ranch.

The utilities claim that the underground pipeline will bring “additional affordable, clean natural gas supplies to Florida, while increasing the reliability of the region’s energy delivery system and positively impacting the economy in the Southeast region of the United States, specifically Alabama, Florida and Georgia.” The utilities also point out that the project will immediately create jobs.

In Central Florida, a connecting pipeline will head south from the hub near Reunion, and another spoke will connect to the Hunter’s Creek area.

The 34 Annual Conference of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida

2016 March 26 - Henry Headshot72dpiOn April 1 -3, 2016, the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida will host its 34th Annual Conference at the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819. “This is the year for strategic planning with the stakeholders of our community about the importance of legislating and voting,” says Henry Crespo Sr., president of the DBCF. The theme this year is “Speak to Our Issues,” and it is significant and critical, because the candidates seeking our votes must address our issues.

The keynote speaker at the DBCF Conference is the Honorable Mayor of the City of Newark, New Jersey, Ras Baraka, the son of the late Amiri Baraka, the famous Poet, Playwright, and Political Activist. Mayor Baraka was also an activist at Howard University, Principal at Central High School, a leader in America’s New Urban Agenda, and helping to create a resurgence of business in downtown Newark.

Keynote Breakfast speaker, Denise Rolark Barnes, who is the Chairwomen of the National Newspaper and Publishers Association, will also inspire the attendees at the conference. After graduating from Howard University Law School, Based out of Washington D.C. she took over as publisher of the Washington Informer in 1994.

We are also excited to have Special Guest and lunch speaker Tommy Ford, actor from the hit series “Martin,” “NY Undercover,” and the movie “Harlem Nights”, and share some entertainment stories and celebrity humor.

2016 March 26 - Nina Turner(Nina Turner to left)

There are over 18 plus chapters Statewide, and the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF), which is Affectionately called the “The Soul of Party” represents over 1.2 Million Black voters registered as Democrats in Florida (app. 30% of the Florida Democratic Party as a whole). The DBCF was established in1983, formed to unite and increase the political power for Black Democrats who were unnoticed and under-served in the state. The Caucus is an integral part of the Florida Democratic Party’s infrastructure, with the purpose to unite talent with opportunity to facilitate voter building, education and action.

The Wrong Crowd


The Gantt Report  by Lucius Gantt

Some people that read The Gantt Report think I am a Florida guy. When I used to coordinate a lot of statewide political campaigns, haters, particularly those in larger cities in the Sunshine State, would tell my clients, “Lucius ain’t nothing. He’s just a country boy from little old Tallahassee. He can’t do nothing in Miami or Tampa.”

My clients would respond and say, “We didn’t hire Lucius to work in Miami. We hired him to work statewide!”

I was born, raised and did my early schooling in Atlanta, Georgia. My youngest years were spent in one of Atlanta’s most notorious housing projects, “Carver Homes”. By the time I reached 10 years old, my parents divorced and I moved with my Mom to a somewhat tough neighborhood called “Fourth Ward”. It included pockets called “Buttermilk Bottom” and “Bucket of Blood”!

Once I left town, I came back frequently to see my Mom, my family members and my old friends. I stopped the frequent visits after my mother’s passing.

Nowadays, when I go home some people turn up their noses at me and say to others, “That ain’t nobody. That’s Thelma’s baby boy. That’s Lucius’ son. That’s Sheila Gantt’s brother, a N-word from the projects!”

But there are others that say, “Look at how he walks. See how he dresses. Listen to how he talks. He is not the same.”

I am the same person but I am not the same! I graduated from college, attended multiple graduate schools and earned credits for degrees in Journalism, Philosophy and even a Master’s degree in Science.

But my friends remained my friends. I love them still but I took my own path to where I am today.

I didn’t go with the ghetto flow. I didn’t follow the project crowd. I only went with the flows that went in the right direction. I only followed the crowd that went forward, that went toward progress and the crowd that went the best way!

Birds of a feather flock together but all birds are not alike. I didn’t want to be a yard bird, or chicken, that spent his whole life in the yard pecking up

bird seeds off of the ground. I didn’t want to be a buzzard that couldn’t kill anything and starved when nothing would die.

I wanted to soar like an eagle. I wanted to get a better view of the world from up high. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to fly, so to speak.

Too many African Americans are happy just to follow the crowd!

If weak, regressive, scared and incompetent negro leaders suggest that Black people follow them, too many of our people just do what they say. They follow the wrong crowd!

If your crowds hits and beats their spouses and children, you might think that’s what you should do. If your crew joins the gang, sells dope and shoots up the neighborhood, that’s what you think you should do. If your sorority sisters sleep around with their soror’s husbands and boyfriends, you might consider doing that too.

I say you should do the right thing whether the crowd does it or not!

Stay away from the crooked crowd, the corrupt crowd, the cowardly crowd or the clown crowd!

On judgment day, when it’s your time to be judged, you are going to be judged based on what you did and not on what the crowd did!

If you have to follow a crowd, follow the good crowd. Follow the righteous crowd, follow the smart crowd, follow the brave crowd and follow the respectful crowd.

Follow the crowd that will stand up and speak out! Follow the crowd that will fight for what is right!

A crowd can come in handy sometimes but only if that crowd is honest, responsible and loyal.

If you have a choice of being in a bad crowd or being by yourself, choose to stand alone!

The wrong crowd will lead you down the wrong path!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

Deutsche Bank Must Stand Trial in Black Beating and Home Invasion

Deutsche Bank Must Stand Trial in Case Accused oPublic Foreclosure Homef African American Homeowner Beating and Home Invasion

– Bank’s Lawyers at San Francisco Severson & Werson LLP Embrace Felon Convicted for Bid Rigging at Public Foreclosure Auctions to Try to Win Case Against Entrenched Homeowner –


Oakland, CA — After a six-year legal battle that has yet to be resolved, an African American homeowner in Oakland, California, finally homes in on his quest for a jury trial slated to start March 21, 2016, in the Alameda County Superior Court on claims of invasion of privacy and trespassing. He is seeking punitive damages and injunctive relief against the defendants, OneWest Bank, FSB (“One West”) and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee of a Securitized Trust (“Deutsche Bank Trustee”). Following a complete defeat of the defendants’ efforts to get the case dismissed in summary judgment proceedings, San Francisco/Oakland attorney Raye Mitchell represents plaintiff going to trial.

The case is convoluted and complex and exposes the underbelly of the battle homeowners face in fighting these illegal non-judicial foreclosures that stole away the dream of homeownership for over 9.5 million Americans. Put simply, the case stems from some form of botched securitization attempt by IndyMac FSB in 2007 to transfer a void loan to the Trustee of the Asset Securitization Trust 2007-A8 Mortgage Pass through Certification Series 2007-11 Under Pooling and Servicing Agreement Dated June 1, 2007. The plaintiff says that the defendants, who are complete strangers to him and his family, stole his home via forged and void loan documents, including two different copies of the so-called original note, they used to grant themselves the right to foreclosure. Yet, action on those claims is reserved for the California Court of Appeals, based on the recent California Supreme Court unanimous decision in Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corp.

The dispute that erupted in 2010 came after the plaintiff initiated a loan transaction with the now defunct bank, IndyMac FSB, in May 2007 to refinance his family home in San Leandro, CA, owned since 2001. The loan did not go through and was not funded because he rescinded it under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), which provides for a three-day right to rescind. The plaintiff never received any billing statements for the cancelled loan. Later, IndyMac FSB funded a new and different loan under a new loan number, but the plaintiff never received nor executed any loan documents with the new loan number. IndyMac failed in 2008 and was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (“FDIC”).

In the summer of 2009, the defendants simply appeared and alleged that the plaintiff owned them money for the old, cancelled loan. They then claimed that they were entitled to foreclose on his family home utilizing the forged and rescinded loan documents from the failed loan. The plaintiff denies he was in default and also denies he executed the documents that were utilized to foreclose upon his home.

Despite this dispute, in August 2010, the defendants alleged they conducted a non-judicial foreclosure on the plaintiff’s family home. The plaintiff alleges that the whole foreclosure was rigged and was a fraud by the defendants. On the date of the alleged foreclosure, the plaintiff claims that the defendants sent person(s) to his house who entered upon his property without his consent, invaded his privacy, and threatened him and his family with bodily harm. In response to a 9-1-1 call, police eventually contacted a Michael Renquist about the events of the home invasion. As it turns out, Michael Renquist is a real estate investor who later pleads guilty in 2013 for his role in conspiracies to rig bids and commit mail fraud at public real estate foreclosure auctions in Northern California. According to the initial reports about Mr. Renquist’s guilty plea, “the conspirators suppressed competition and lined their pockets through fraudulent and collusive conduct at the expense of lenders and distressed homeowners,” said Bill Baer, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division in a March 2013 press release on the matter. As part of his plea agreement, Mr. Renquist was supposed to make restitution to the person(s) harmed.

Three days later back in August 2010, the plaintiff claims that the defendants sent other agents to his house for a type of self-help eviction who blocked access to his home, disrupted utilities, and entered his property without his consent. Attorney Raye Mitchell intercepted the agent, and during this encounter, the defendants’ agent(s) were accused of hitting Ms. Mitchell in the face and head, causing the plaintiff physical harm that drew blood from his face, and cuts near his eye, and on his head, along with causing significant property damage.

Lastly, the plaintiff alleges that the defendants invaded his privacy by accessing and sharing confidential information in his mortgage loan files with third parties without his consent and wrongly utilized the private information in litigation by its lawyers against the plaintiff in an effort to shame him and even ‘body-shame’ and ‘body-slam’ Attorney Raye Mitchell. He also claims that the defendants engaged in an improper investigation of his private affairs and an improper investigation into the affairs of his lawyer, Ms. Mitchell, in retaliation for fighting the illegal foreclosure, for refusing to surrender his home in an illegal self-help eviction effort and refusing a meager $ 6300 cash for keys offer to release all of his claims against the defendants for the illegal foreclosure.

The defendants seek to suppress some of the evidence in this case, including an audio of a death threat upon Ms. Mitchell from one of the accused agents of the defendants. Further details of the case and preview of case documents and the death threat audio can be found at

The defendants, represented by the law firm of Severson & Werson, LLP, deny these claims and in preparation for the trial, the defendants’ lawyers identified Michael Renquist as one of their lead witnesses. “It seems strange that the lawyers at Severson & Werson LLP would embrace an admitted felon whose scheme was to cheat banks like OneWest and cheat homeowners like the Plaintiff. Clearly there was fraud in the whole alleged foreclosure, but rather than seek restitution from a convicted felon, the defendants and their lawyers at Severson & Werson LLP would rather embrace the felon to deny this African American homeowner his home,” added Attorney Raye Mitchell. Even as she prepares for jury trial, the defendants are still changing the rules of engagement by seeking to suppress an audio of the death threat plaintiff claims was left by one of the defendants’ agent toward Ms. Mitchell for fighting the defendants efforts at an illegal self-help eviction. The public can access certain key trial documents and a copy of the death threat at the website for Ultimately plaintiff looks forward to exercising his constitutional right to have a jury of his peers carefully consider all the evidence.


About Raye Mitchell
Raye Mitchell is the founder of, a website-based movement to assist homeowners protect and fight for the American dream of home ownership. As an author, public speaker, and retired attorney with expertise in entertainment law, privacy, and consumer rights, Ms. Mitchell has practiced consumer law in California for 25+ years. She currently provides affordable legal consulting for homeowners before and after foreclosure distress. She also offers training for the financial services industry and the legal profession in ‘homeowner cultural competency’ and how to work with homeowners to resolve disputes and avoid litigation. She is currently writing a new non-fiction book entitled Litigation Lynching: The Homeowner’s Un-pretty Battle for Dignity to Protect the American Dream of Homeownership. The book is about civil judicial reform, restoring homeowner dignity, protecting homeowner rights, rebuilding communities, the elimination of racial, gender, and economic status bias, and restoring the American dream of homeownership stolen from millions during the foreclosure crisis of the Great Recession. She earned an undergraduate degree in Public Policy from the University of Southern California (USC), an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Raye Mitchell is also looking forward to supporting the efforts of The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School that is preparing to launch a new project – the Houston / Marshall Plan for Community Justice to reinvest in communities of color. #BlackLivesMatter.

The Gantt Report – Chasing That Crazy Cat

By Lucius Gantt

Many men should ask themselves the same question George Clinton asked, “Why must I feel like that? Why must I chase the cat?”

Clinton said he did it because of the dog in him but The Gantt Report says men chase the cat because the good cat is hard to find.

You can chase, catch and feed a thousand cats but you’ll never stop chasing if you don’t find a Grade-A, top notch pussy cat!

Ok, what cat is the best cat? A good cat likes to run its mouth, meow if you prefer. A good cat knows when to roam and go out on the prowl but it also knows when to stay close to the house. A good cat loves to follow you around and rub up against you.

But there is one attribute that separates the best cat from all other felines. The best cat is crazy as hell!

That cat can be cold as ice and sometimes that good cat can be moist and warm!

The good cat can order you around one minute then the next minute proclaim that you’re the master and the King of the castle and you can make all of the decisions regarding the kitty litter and the household. That crazy cat can be tight as a Dixie hat band or lose enough for her favorite male cat get everywhere he needs to go.

That crazy cat will raise her paws and take a swing or a scratch at you then before you know it, the cat will be climbing all over you and rubbing you where you like to be rubbed!

The male house cat is just like the lion in the jungle. All the male cat does is sleep all day and will only rise up to fight the other lions that want his female cat.

That crazy female cat is fearless when it’s time to put it down for her man. The female cat does all of the hunting, all of the child care, all of the house cleaning and she still has time to satisfy her male.

You can’t make a sissy cat or a scary cat do what a crazy cat can do. There is no Crazy Cat School, that good cat is born good and born crazy. You just have to be the kind of male that can bring that good cat out of his furry shell, turn the good cat on, so to speak.

Yes, that cat “gone wild” is every man’s subconscious dream. We want that cat to behave out in public and when company comes around but when the sun goes down and the lights are turned low, you want that crazy cat to attack that snake running around the house. You know how a cat will take their prey in their mouth and keep it there until the prey gives up and can’t take any more!

I had a crazy cat once and I pray one day soon it will come back home. I hate drama but it is always good to have a good cat, especially one that can control her craziness!

News reporters often talk about the President’s dog but it looks like he has a good cat running around the White House. Perhaps chasing that cat is what made Barack Obama look so tired at the first debate.

Even though The Gantt Report is more versatile than other columns and doesn’t have to write about politics every week, TGR still encourages you to exercise your Constitutional right to cast your vote in the 2016 elections.  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)